HELP ! making teams to advance in the game.(TACET)

need help making some good teams troops… i run to farm souls valkyrie***, warlock *** white**,dark troll
teams i pvp with
gloom,shadow dragon,dryad***, alchemist**
moloch,jarl mant,webspinner,shadow dragon
sring imp,autum imp,dryad,valkyrie
i have some other good troop but most are not leveled up i am looking for ways and tip to gain gold fast, souls, and just overall tips and advice anyone can give im level 141 SORA_17 is my invite code im getting back into the game hardcore again (had took a break) so thanks to all in advance for your replies

Donp… Have you looked into all of Tacet’s vids on YouTube?

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If you link your account on ashtender you can provide us with a link to your current troops using the my collection feature (, this allows us to see which troops you have etc which might make it easier to see what teams are viable. The Get Permalink option is under the Tools section.


not really honetly he has alot, i chat with him on a live stream today i did get one video where about souls teams but dont think they work well for me because he is like lvl 1000 im just lvl 144

is this a legit site?

Yes it is an amazing resource. And safe site. :wink:
Also you can check out my Team Build Compendium Thread.

Can someday assist with a link, I’m on mobile ATM. Thanks!


okay i will check it im fixing my account for steam having issues logging in thanks for the comment


thanks will check it out

Hmmmmm. Maybe ask Tacet next time you talk with him and see what vids he would recommend for you to look into that would be suited to starter players like yourself. I know he’s got some, I just can’t remember them.

KrudlertheHorse also has some nifty vids. :slight_smile:

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i acutally just clicked on his youtube lol watching his tips videos now

Cool beans!! Good luck.

I will say one team that does me well that CAN be used almost at any level is this:,6065,6216,6013?banner=3019

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Basically, it’s Anointed One + Sheggra + Hellcat (who doesn’t have to be traited at all since he’s there to help boost reds on the board) + Dark Maiden. I just have her there to help with the color transformations and such.

I’d actually started with 2 Anointed Ones, Sheggra and Hellcat.


thanks My Lady Kendra ,I’m TTG (TRAINED TO GO) im going to get there i appreciate the help too so much

i dont have those troop well anointed one or shegra lolo,im a rookie here now lol

:smile: Very welcome!

And wonderful and thanks for having your ashtender link on your profile.

Just to make sure I’m reading it right, you’ve got 328 troops so far?

Yes Ma’am, please dont laugh lol (jk) :grin:

Thanks @Ashasekayi :wink:

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@Lady_Kendra , i think i should have never disenchant my that was a big mistake starting out :worried:

LOL Keep up with the “Ma’am”, and I’ll get t’feeling really old. j/k. :smile:

actually, that’s odd cause the ashtender for myself says that I’ve got 328 troops.