HELP ! making teams to advance in the game.(TACET)


Which card did you disenchant?

Just a note… Never disenchant any cards until you’d been able to get them up to Mythic rarity.


:blush: my southern hospitality dictates that I show some respect wether in person or over an internet forum ! just apart of my charm meant no offense …and which cards i havent well since i started playing mostly rares n commons even epics but thisn was way before the update im talking waaaay back in 2015 if i had kept my troops i’d be in a better situation than i in now i took a break for better half of 2016 some things change mostly troops but i was here for the overhual update which when everything changed Dec 2015 i think a couple months after i just stop playing now im lost just waay too much to read up on


If you have no filter set, the My Collection page will show whatever the current count of troops are in the game. The count reflects the number of visible rows in the table. If you want to know how many unique troops you have, set the “count” filter to “>0”, as in:>0


thanks @Lyya how ever you have it set up is how i have it


Grinning No offense taken, Don. Was joking with ya’. Is appreciated, no worries there.


Oooo! Great idea, Lyya! Thanks!


@Lady_Kendra :relieved: thanks so what you think i should go with to farm souls ? im trying a valk***, 2x warlock** ,mercy but what im really asking is after i beat the kingdoms what next ?? strictly pvp or do all the challenges too its alot if need be I’ll do em but is it really necessary ?! @Lyya thanks for the link again i scanned over it seen some teams that could use so it was a help i appreatte you ladies taking time to help the good guy out :imp: lol


i finally drew shegra im going to look up anointed one next n i have hell cat n DM im so exicet like a little shool kid i like the shegra card its bad a***


Hey, Don!

Actually, the high recommendation in general as far as farming souls is either doing Explores at kingdoms, which also helps you farm specific traitstones, or Challenges. The best place to farm them as far as challenges go is Broken Spire’s “Fortress Siege” challenge. The Fortress Gate is first one and doesn’t do you any damage, so you could go kill the others to your heart’s content, leave the Gate to last, and plow through that challenge to get your souls.


alright will do so . btw what level are you?


He’s currently live now on YouTube.


I’m lvl 1015. :slight_smile:


If you have em use rocktroll, slime, bonedrageon, stargazer, its a gimmick team designed to at minimum win 1/3 of endgame op meta decks.


@Lady_Kendra @wskill i have 2 out of those four right now im only level 154 I’ll get there