Help with building teams



I am a new player. I really enjoy this game, but I have a little problem with building a proper team for progressing, farming souls, farming treasure maps. If anyone would be so nice and have a look on my troops list and give me some advice on what I can build. I have watched a lot of yt videos but I am missing some good troops. Still, i haven’t found Valkyrie.

Thank you :slight_smile:


For now, since you are new, it is hard to branch out and make specific teams (soul farming, explore farm, etc.). You’d do best to find something fun to play that can help you do weak PVP for gold to level up and purchase kingdoms, and to find a team to push through all the kingdom questlines.


If you have not done so, join a guild asap.
Many guildmates will be glad to help you out in every aspect of the game.


Some low rarity teams can be found here:

A lot of posts have some detailed explanations, among the first there is one team i suggested that should work fine for explore mode or finish quests in normal mode.

Deep Borer
Steam Turrent or Ship Cannon.


Thank you everyone for an advice.



I joined the guild.



I have only one Bombot.
That’s the issue. I don’t have so many troops. But i will grind some arenas. It is easy for me to get 8 wins.

I have been using self-looping team:
Deep Borer
Rock Worm
Rock Worm
Ranger ---------- any suggestion for the last slot? cuz I have only 2 Rock Worms. Maybe Tyri?


Look for a guild where you can get some keys as tasks are completed and you’ll get more troops efficiently. Many guilds advertise on Global Chat and don’t have requirements for new players until they have some or all kingdoms maxed in levels (which requires gold).


Make sure the guild you are in is some what active. Nothing worse than being the only person contributing.
Putting together a team at start is rough. You will have to trudge through a lot of muck my friend. we have all been there so do not get frustrated. be creative with your troops. True damage is great at the lower levels. Naga troops got my wife through a lot. Poison, and things that pull mana from the board.


I have changed a guild recently. It is active one so I have some resources. Now I have decent team:


It is quite good for quests and PVP.


Join a guild, unlock and level your kingdoms to 10. Don’t worry about farming anything until you get that far.

It was 4-6 months before I had my first “fast explore” team set up. This is a very, very slow game and that isn’t conveyed well to people just starting out.

That team with Ranger is a very good early team, though! One of my first effective teams was just like it. If PvP starts to get too hard, don’t forget about Arena! The difficulty in Arena is a bit more consistent, but PvP matchmaking can occasionally decide you’re stronger than you are and make things bad.