What to do with Troops I do not like?

I am looking for opinons on what to do with troops I do not like. Should I disenchante all but one or keep them all in case of some change in a future release. I am thinking specifically about the Black Beast.


Some people like to try and ascend all the Troops, even ones they do not use or like.

If that doesn’t interest you, then you could always disenchant them for Souls.

Personally I would not disenchant any of them until I had them to Mythic status. Then I would leave 4 of each troop, or that’s what I do anyways. Keep in mind that troops get buffed or nerfed on occasion.
(Getting them to Mythic also is a must to get 8 troop kingdoms to 5 stars)


Great points, things I hadn’t considered.

How do troops sometimes get nerfed? I thought only I could get rid of them from my troops list.

They (devs) sometimes will change characteristics of a troop, it might be to their mana costs, traits, or magic capabilities.

this is pretty much what I was gonna say, besides you really don’t get that many souls from disenchanting anyways.