What should I be chasing?

I have a ton of gold, gems, traitstones, souls, glory, and chaos shards, but I don’t know what I am supposed to be chasing with them, especially the chaos shards. I see people post great teams here all the time, but I am always missing at least one troop and I’m not sure how to get them.

My troops are here http://gowdb.com/collection/0f30652096955128a94a07882e2af5a1 if that helps.


My basic advice, knowing little to nothing about your playstyle or goals, is to keep up with all the weekly content. That means…

1. Buying the Spoils of War pack in the Glory Shop every week
(cost—1800 glory; gain—10 event keys, to be used almost exclusively to try and get any legendaries you don’t have)

2. Buying as many of the weekly troop in the Glory Shop to ascend it to mythic
(More copies if you can afford it and need the traitstones that come with the troop. I’d also advise never spending more glory in a week than you earn, so you can amass enough over time to be able to afford the more expensive content releases)

3. With gems, buy weekly event tiers at least as many times as is required to get new troops and weapons
(This usually means Tier IV, which will cost you about the amount of Gems your guild should be providing you each week by completing the Blue Task statue. Don’t forget about Bounty and Faction Releases as part of this cost, and forgo spending gems for items you can get more easily, such as Class weapons in Class Events. Only use whatever gems remain on things you enjoy, to avoid buyer’s regret)

4. Chaos shards should be spent in factions with good troops you don’t have, such as: King Gobtruffle (Amanithrax), The Miraji Queen (Sunken Fleet), and Ethereal Sentry (Hall of Guardians)
(Faction optimization is a HUGE topic, and the three troops listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many thread on the forum discussing key info related to the Underworld—let me know of you want me to link the ones I’ve found helpful)

5. GOLD. This is the resource that should, hopefully, be completing your Guild’s Task Statues every week. If it’s not, save your gold until you find a group where it is. Once your kingdoms are maxed in level, you can expect to maximize a hoard once a month for about 500-750k gold, but everything else you earn is probably best if shared (Legendary Tasks will get you a lot of keys and traitstones over time, and they’ll do the same for your guildmates, so the progress is multiplicative)

My personal “budget” is 1 million a week, with 5 million donated during Guild Wars and a little over 15 million the week of Christmas.

Finally, as far as easy things to chase:

  1. do your dungeons for diamonds daily, so you can craft good weapons you missed and mythics you want
  2. any Adventure Board task that has gems, keys, or DEEDS (miss these, and you’ll hard-lock your ability to progress)

You rule! Thank you so much!

So that’s where you get Gobtruffle. I’ve seen his name 100x and never knew where to find him. Chasing after him right now!


One thing that wasn’t mentioned: Diamonds.

ALWAYS do the daily Dungeon and spend the Gems to buy the Gem Bounty bonus (you can spend cash to buy more Diamonds as well, but personally I don’t bother).

Also, if you’re not in a Guild that completes all the tasks, join one for the extra Diamonds and keys and make good contributions to their Statues (max out Kingdom Tribute and collect it as often as possible, hourly if you’re really hardcore!)

Only ever use Diamonds for Mythics you don’t have and which are useful.

Unfortunately at the moment your link is giving a 500 error, I’m not sure why :frowning: so I can’t suggest ones to go for, but if they turn up in recommended teams, that’s a good hint!

Save Gem, Event and Guild Keys for the New Mythics when they’re on offer, but spend your Glory keys (and regular Glory) first at those times because you have a chance of getting the Mythic, but it also helps top up your Legendaries.

Hope this helps :+1:


I have 6,200 diamonds, but I’m not sure where to spend them. I can craft any weapon in the Soulforge except Dawnbringer. Doomed Scythe looks pretty nice, but I’m not sure which of the others pair up well with my troops.

I managed to get Gobtruffle and Maraji last night with chaos shards.

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You can also use diamonds to craft any mythic troops you are missing. The mythic troops rotate on a weekly basis, with soulforge being updated each Monday. It takes 4000 diamonds to craft a mythic in soulforge, so if you are missing some of the best mythics I would wait until they appear.

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Can you try posting the link to your collection again, it seems to be broken.

Don’t use Diamonds for anything less than Mythics, because you will eventually get Legendaries from chests.

Personally I think the best Mythic to craft at the moment is High King Irongut. Combine him with your Hero using Mountain Crusher, Ethereal Sentry (adds HKI’s Armour to his Attack which is his percentage to Devour an enemy) plus something that does Stun (or, better, Curse, eg Vash’Dagon) and you’ve got a Troop that will take out almost anything.

Crafting weapons is something, IMO, to leave for later unless it’s a really useful one eg Life and Death, Mang or Writhing Staff (great for combining with Wrath).


The GoW Database collection pages are down.