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I Don't Know What Else To Do

Hi, English is not my native language but I’ll try my best.

I’m new on the forums but I’ve been playing actively for 5 months. Not a VIP player. Reached lvl 1040 recently. Almost all of my kingdoms reached to 5 star, only 4 (Urskaya, Blackhawk, Drifting Sands, Sword’s Edge) of them left. And those kingdoms are in lack of troops to level up. Like Urskaya or Blackhawk.

I have 127 mythic troops with only one (yes, 1) base mythic (that must be a joke)
So, all of my common or rare troops are mythic. Gold keys mean nothing nowadays except for disenchanting extra troops.
Glory and Gem keys are filled with bad luck :frowning:

And now, I don’t know what to do. I stuck! I can’t find any new troops to challenge me to farm traitstones or souls. I lost my enthusiasm. Geez, I can’t remember the last time to find a new troop that says “new!” (except weekly glory rewards).

I can’t use soulforge, can’t afford gems, can’t afford a billion souls, can’t afford VIP. And soul farming is no longer fun with those high numbers.

I entered the Arena yesterday out of boredom. Died because of Dawnbringer.

When I started this game 5 months ago, a nonVIP player was able to cope with vip players but now, how hard one may try, it is impossible.


Go find their other games, especially Puzzle Quest 1, 2, and Galactrix.
Once you’re done with them all, you’ll be ready to come back here again :slight_smile:

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Ugh… I just opened up my copy, and the gem speed is absolutely horrid compared to the 4x speed here…
It’ll probably take some getting used to. Good luck!

I think you have to find your own reasons for playing the game, if that makes sense? When I feel like I have less motivation to play, I think about what I enjoy about the game. For example - the event this week gives +5 glory for using the new Asha troop in PvP - I love this as it gives me a reward that I need (as I need to save glory for arcanes), so I have much more motivation to play this week.

I haven’t phrased this very well…but basically try to accept that there will always be ups and downs in your motivation/desire to play any game, but that’s OK :slight_smile:

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Dawnbringer in arena wow now that has to be a bad idea since the troops are low level but just yet another problem to the checklist.

for me what kept it fresh was tryng to make new teams (with the new units) every week

if the new troop search ui doesnt bother you - you can try that :slight_smile:

Experimenting with new teams results in my losing pretty swiftly to the meta defences I face… and I don’t wish to waste my time on challenges or explores, where the rewards are pitiful…

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once few weeks comes a troop that is worth experimnenting for :slight_smile: at least for guild wars if you mean to have a full color team

sure it does shift the pvp win ratio while you are experimenting, but its worth it if it takes the boredoom away

im not saying its an option that would help everyone but at the time it sure did help me (before the troop search ui nerf)

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You don’t seem to mention if you’re in a guild or not. Probably the only reason I’m still playing is because of our guild. Join a good one and your enjoyment might be increased.


I totally agree with this. For me, I isn’t always about min-maxing. This game gets boring really quick when you do that. My favorite part of the game is trying out different teams with synergy even if that means a loss here and there in PVP.


Well if you’re through with the game then you deinstall it and start another game. Enough out there. My Steam account has 2,5k games yet I mainly play a F2P one xD

And why do you need to be VIP to use the soulforge?
You get gems from guild tasks and weekly events. Enough of them.
And what high numbers on soul farming?