Newbie questions

Hi guys. I am a newbie in this wonderful game, I am only level 31 right now and there are some things that are not clear to me, so I hope to get some answers here.

First, I bought an event chest for 300 glory (Corrupted Urska at this moment) and I got a Coruupted Urska ultra rare card and bunch of other goodies. Now, I have some glory to spend and I want to know if I should buy another chest right now or should I wait for another event. Also, is there anything else that I should save glory for?

Second, I have two different teams with different banners. When I want to use the second team, I select it and go to the battle and I always find myself fighting with the first team. How can I select the second team instead of the first one?

Third, should I eventually upgrade all cards or just the ones that will be on the team? I think the kingdom benefits from upgraded troops, but I don’t know if it’s the case of “more the better” or should I pick and choose what I upgrade and then eventually trait them?

Best advice i can give you would be check out tacet the terror’s videos on YouTube. It’s a valuable tutorial for all things gems of war, most people would say he knows his stuff despite the odd bollock drop now and then. ‘justice I’d basically useless’ for instance in one of his early guardian videos. Lol @Tacet
Oh, and get yourself in a friendly and sociable guild that will help you.

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I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a farmer who knows a horse that did a vid about this:

The gist is that you are likely best to upgrade troops that give your resources and allow you to control the board (transform, explode, etc)

I’m not sure about the team in battle, the steps I do are this, what do you do different (I’m on PC)

Click the team header which collapses the currently selected team and exposes the team list. Select the new team then click “To Battle”

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  1. Save your Glory for the Event troop next week. There is a new one (or two) every week.
  2. Go left and click your team name, it will present you the options to select any team for the battle.
  3. Yes. DON’T ever ‘disenchant’, always ascend.
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Guys, thank you all very much for the answers. It’s nice to be in the community with the people that don’t mind helping new players. Unlike some other communities.

I will save up my glory for the next week’s event then, and I will start upgrading cards that are good in board control. Hopefully I will get more knowledge about this stuff soon :slight_smile:

As for Tacet’s videos, I started with them, but it seems to me like they are intended more for intermediate/advanced level players. I was level 10 or something like that when I started watching his videos, but didn’t help me that much for the most part. I mean, I didn’t have almost any of the cards he was talking about and I was still overwhelmed by the amount of the stuff that new player encounters. To be honest, I didn’t find any structured guides for totally new players. Like, under level 20 or 30. So each advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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@tacet has promised me he’s adding a playlist for new players (I’m always referring players on xbox) so I’m sure its going to be added “soon”. As an FYI “soon” is an inside joke for Gems because everything in this game is going to be released ‘soon’.

I’m fairly certain he did a ‘lets play’ starting the game fresh with a new account somewhere.

Enjoy the game… and don’t rush XP to gain levels too quickly.


He’s added videos for new players, I was watching some a few months ago on his let’s play account. I wish I’d had that knowledge when I had started.

Don’t spend real money on this game.

@regmenow make sure you check out this thread, maybe there is something useful for you in it. :slight_smile:


Hey regmenow… here’s are two playlists…

This one is “core game strategy” and has 8 videos. Goes over the most important game mechanics. Pick and choose what you like.

This is the community-driven “100 Tips” series where everybody from the forums contributed things they “wish they knew”. This playlist has 6 videos.


A lot of good resources already dropped on you so I will just stop by and say: WELCOME!

You’ve stumbled upon one of the best communities in gaming. Have fun and enjoy!


Hello friend, welcome to Gem of Wars. As you see there is much informations available on here. If you ever need professional informations better than most, give me PM. Happy to help.

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Welcome. Best person to ping for finding things and help on the forum is @Ozball :smiley:

Also check out all the excellent video content by @Tacet


Many people have, and got a lot of enjoyment from it. If no one did, we wouldn’t have a game at all.

Pretty sure you’d uninstalled the game, and kinda hoped gone for good from the forums.


His opinion is pretty much worthless tbh


Guys, thank you all so much. You all made me feel welcome to the forum and I really really appreciate all the feedback. I am still astounded by how much content this game has for a free to play game. I am enjoying it immensely and I play every day. I will definitely check the playlists provided by Misty :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing I don’t get and I have seen several times is that the advice is to not accumulate too much experience. I don’t understand why, doesn’t more experience mean stronger hero and possibly troops?


The only thing that you get from levelling up is an increase in your mana masteries (which increases the probability of getting a mana surge when you match gems in battle) and an increase in hero level. After a certain point (around level 100, I think), the stat gains for your hero come very infrequently, and you’ll find as you level up that your hero is not as useful as many other troops. The hero still has its uses in mid to late game, but they are few, and in some pretty specific roles. Also, because it costs gems to change your hero class more than once per day, you’re really restricted in how you can use it.

The downside of levelling up is that you tend to face more difficult opponents in PvP, especially after level 200. There are also some changes in how the game treats your luck (it essentially makes the game easier in all other game modes when you are low level). So if you can delay hitting the level 200 PVP wall and generally have easier battles until you have developed your deck (by collecting and traiting more troops), then it can be helpful.

Personally, I never gave it much thought when I was in the early game, but I can see how it might be helpful in some ways.

Also, I think the links that Misty provided are the best resources for newer players. Tacet has a huge library of videos now, but it is hard to sort out what is useful in the here and now. The Krudler videos are pretty recent and are focused on stuff that will be generally relevant to you at this stage of the game. Definitely a good investment of time.


Stan, thank you so much for the great answer. I will be sure to have it on my mind :slight_smile:

I have one more question, though. Just now I did a treasure hunt and I went all the way to the vault, but now I wonder is it better to leave the three red chests or turn them into vault. I still don’t have the skills to go hundreds of turns, my best so far was 90-something, but usually I make around 55-70 turns. Would leaving three red chests give me more resources than 1 vault? I know that vault can give you gem key, but it seems that there’s low chance for that. What would be the best solution for me as I still need all the resources I can get.


To Maximize rewards:

  1. Get two Vaults on the same map once to unlock the Achievement. (if your into that kind of thing)
  2. Gems are really what you should be after. Stop matching on Green Chests. You can play maps very quickly this way maximizing your rewards/time invested.
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Thanks, Strat!!! :+1: