Semi-new advice please

Fairly recently returned to the game. I have managed to pick up two Mythic so far (Stonehammer and Aurora). Have also made myself VIP 5.

I was saving up crystals to get a 50 VIP chest pack, hoping it would get me some key troops or maybe more Mythics.

But apparently this week event has a high chance of Kraken from event keys… so I am wondering if anyone knows which is my better odds to get something good… keep saving for VIPx50, or blow some gems to get Kraken from Event chests?

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Since there are only two Legendary troops in the pool this week for Blackhawk; I’d try to get a Kraken in event chests, you will never find a better time to get one than this week.


Don’t use precious gems for event key, go buy the glory pack for 180 glory you get 1 event key

You bring up a good point. Pool limitations.

Is there ANYTHING you can draw from that has a chance of every unit in the entire game? Or do I really have to figure out which specific troops I am aiming to acquire, and then wait for the right week to buy?

I am a huge fan of spending as I go, and working with what I get. Especially when I am missing so very many troops, and all of them are situationally useful.

I’m pretty sure taransworld has listings and percentages for all the chests as well as which troops are excluded from all chests.

No. For common and rare troops, open gold chests as soon as you get them. You should get plenty of keys from guild rewards and regular gameplay. Glory chests will get you rare troops and higher (up to mythic) and gem chests will get you ultra-rare and higher (up to mythic). I tend to wait until mythic-exclusive weeks to open glory and gem chests, but if you’ve been away from the game for a while and are missing a lot of troops, I would just open any glory and gem chests you get since you’re not targeting specific troops.

If you haven’t already, get into the best guild that you can find where you can meet their weekly requirements. This is the best source of mixed keys/gems/glory in the game.

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I think there’s one specific level of guild chest that has a chance of “every troop”, but honestly you do NOT want that.

The troops you want are almost always ultra-rare and up, tilted real heavy towards ultra-rares and mythics. The last thing you want to do is spend resources that COULD net a mythic and get a common instead. That’s why the guild chests progress in order: “only cruddy troops” → “all troops” → “only troops with high rarity”. (There’s some trickiness to guild chests re: guardians I am ignoring for simplicity.)

So it works out something like:

  • Gold Chests are where you want to get your trash. Gold is ridiculously easy to get in-game, and even mediocre guilds ought to be getting you 300+ gold keys per week. You’ll have plenty of commons/rares to play with. There’s always the one stupid one that takes forever to get, though.
  • Glory Chests are a tradeoff. Every week there’s a troop/traitstones you can buy with Glory, so if you spend it on these chests you might be missing something really important next week. The troops you get from glory chests are still small-time enough it’s OK to live with the gameplay/guild rewards. You can get legendary/mythic troops from these chests, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  • Gem Chests are the most obvious way to get legendary/mythics because of their much higher chance. Gems are precious, but c’est la vie.
  • Event Chests make your odds of getting a specific legendary/mythic much higher due to their kingdom restriction. So this week, since Kraken is in the event pool, event keys are “worth more” than gem keys because of how much more likely you will get Kraken.
  • Guild Chests run the whole gamut. The suckiest guild chest is equivalent to a gold chest. The 10k seal guild chest can have anything from commons to mythics. The “best” guild chest is like a gem chest, though I’m not certain if they have the higher chance of legendary/mythic. Personally I think you’re best off if you wait until at least the 10k chest. “Some chance of mythic” is better than “no chance”. You can sort-of-kind-of buy seals but you’re better off buying gems.
  • VIP chests are hardest to come by and thus give you the best payoff, so go for it Uncle Pennybags.

The “trick” to guild chests is sort of weird. There are a bunch of troops like Humility, Courage, and Sacrifice that are all commons and belong to the Kingdom “Guardians”. When you open a guild chest, no matter which level it is, there is a 50% chance any troop generated will be one of these Guardians. This is true until you have ascended EVERY one of these guardians to Mythic. So Guild chests are only “like gem chests” after you’ve ascended those guardians.

(If I’m wrong about anything I’d love a correction.)


That was a nice breakdown of the various chests @Slypenslyde. I will add one small detail to what you said though:

All six troops must be ascended to mythic with 4 copies extra of each before they completely stop dropping in guild chests.


I think the chance for drawing a Guardian from a Guild Chest is 40%, however that’s based only on anecdotal evidence (my own draws back before I got all the Guardians to Mythic-4) so maybe I was just consistently lucky.

Pretty sure they’ve said it’s 50% chance for Guardians. Then the other 50% is based on the rank of the chest.


Not sure if I would have gone all in for Kraken tho. Maybe just my bad luck but after the nerf he got he is getting noticeable less devours and the 8 gems he spawns more often than before sets up the board for CPU. He is for me nowadays a troop that is only a little fun to mess around with, or have on defense team.

If you want a Kraken then open up a 50-pack of event chests this week and you’ll probably get one.

Emphasis on ‘probably’.

However: Kraken’s usefulness goes up considerably if you trait it, make sure you have or can get the appropriate traitstones beforehand if you want to do that.

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Went ahead with the event pull. 3 Kraken.

I have nowhere near the amount of stones needed to trait him, and other units are higher priority. But I know once I DO trait the guy, he will be pretty useful. Current team is prone to spamming 4/5 matches, and has two basically useless slots.

What other units are higher priority? Kraken, especially when paired are still fantastic even with their recent re-balance. You have three? Don’t ascend them until you have enough for a mythic pair. Forest troll with three is pretty devastating still.

Jarl Firebender with Stonehammer as my first and second is looking nice. So trying to get them up. Just got two traits on each of them, going to work on third trait for Stonehammer soon.

Also have Queen Aurora, and thinking to get her second trait before I pick up Stonehammer’s third trait. Pretty rare that I use either of them for much though, Jarl alone tears up most opponents I face. For the moment I use Summer’s Fury in slot 3, but I want that to either be Courage or Kraken. I used to use Courage, but he would die SO fast. Haven’t tried putting him back in place since getting Aurora. She would keep him alive, and (once traited) he would keep her alive too. So quite likely I go with Courage in the end for that slot.

But, as stated, right now I tend to spam Jarl without needing anyone else. Aurora and Stonehammer help to make sure Jarl can get started, and pick him back up fast if he does sputter out, or the enemy converts/destroys all of the red on me. On some occasions I have actually used Aurora and Summer’s Fury between Jarl spam, and of course if Jarl dies, Summer’s Fury is my main backup for damage (burning already doesn’t do too much to help after Jarl drops).

I admit I don’t play around with giants a lot, but I’ve seen Fire Giant work in combination with Jarl very well before. No promises, though. I feel like Kraken would not be that awesome, synergy-wise, in that team. Kraken is better off with at least one gem spammer in its colors - Green Seer, Forest Troll, Giant Spider…

Kraken would have no place there, you’d be better off with the fire troll imo.