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What should I be doing with my gems?

So right now I’m sitting on just over 1000 gems. I was told when I joined a guild to buy the dragon armor, since then I’ve read I should have bought the celestial armor. Should I buy it? Should I buy 50 gem keys (I’m restarting on a new account, so I’ve got like Glaycion, Queen B. and King Silenus are my only noteworthy legendaries)? Should I be stockpiling them for some other thing?

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Dragon Armor gets more gold, whereas Celestial Armor gets more souls. Early game, you’ll be in desperate need of souls so Celestial is nice. Endgame, you’ll be swimming in souls (I’m at 2.5 million now with nothing to use them on) so Dragon is better.

Don’t spend gems on chests unless you plan on spending major $$$$ on the game. Gems are the real world currency. The game does give lots for free, but things like chests should be avoided like the plague unless you’re not a free player, and even then you need to reallyyyyyy be buying lots of gems to make this worthwhile imo.

Buy the daily dungeon gem offer for the diamonds. This is how you target specific mythics to craft.

The main thing to use gems on are events. The week long guild event requires several tier purchases from everyone to complete the event. The actual number of tiers needed varies week by week. I think the highest I’ve ever seen was 4 tiers. Seems to often be around 2ish now. I think. That’s just my gut.

As for daily events… I buy one tier on Tuesday to guarantee finishing the faction event since sometimes you won’t without any tiers. Don’t bother spending on Wednesday pet rescue until you’re endgame and need to max pets for kingdom progression, and even then ehhh. Thursday class trial is when you earn gems so don’t spend any. Weekend event like bounty right now is worthwhile.


Snooj said what I was going to say - Save your gems for the events that your guild asks/expects you to complete.

If you want to buy gems with real money, it would be worth while to buy the armour. If you don’t want to spend real money, you’ll just have to wait until you have a decent surpluss.

And never buy keys with gems. That’s just a bad investment every time.

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Agree with all of the above, I’d add one more expenditure to the list: daily offers.

Depending on how many gems you have to spare (you’ll get more as your kingdom power goes up), consider buying:

  • warcoins (really hard to get, used to buy warbands which get you a team slot + a new banner)
  • pets (lots needed for kingdom power and the daily offers are cheaper than pet rescue shop)
  • imperial deeds, writs (to craft imperial deeds with)

Dragonguard/Celestial Armor should both be ok. You’ll use Dragon most of time, and Celestial with soulfarming team.
Use your gems to help your guild do weekly events.
Use your gems for non-guild events also- they will provide you with resources.
One thing I could suggest is checking weapons avaible on tuesday faction events - you need to buy tier IV to get them, but some of them are realy strong and part of few metabuilds.
If you end up having loads of gems lying arround (like 3-5k or more) you can try to spend gems during Saturday pet events → to get enough extra copies to get these pets to mythic.

that’s probably all hints about spending gems. oh, one more → buying 50 gem dungeon offer is also nice way of getting crafting meterials for soulforge

If you plan on spending money on the game, and playing the game for a while, then buy the Deathknight armor (I think the pack is the same cost as the armor by itself). This is better than Dragon and Celestial combined and it saves you 500 gems. But if you’re not planning on spending (that much) money, then follow what others have said. Just wanted to get this out there. Of course, being in a (active) guild will get you about 400 gems every week from tasks so you’ll quickly earn back those 500 gems.