What non-EmpKhorvash/Maw/Mab comps are you playing right now?


Since there seems to be a lull around here, and I’m getting bored of the of my current teams, I thought I would inquire as to what comps that you, the sweet people of GoW have been playing.

I have a couple of very ghetto comps that I mix in, when Mab/Maw/Khorvicore get too boring.

One of my “fun” comps to switch up with is: War/Plague/War/Famine. It is slower than Christmas, but fun getting War going.

I play, much more sparingly, with one of @Tacet’s comps Herald of Chaos, Pride Guard, Paladin, Templar. It can be a nice distraction.

My awful, but super fun to mess around comp is on that I’ve mentioned in a similar thread before: MattDaemon - Gorgotha, Acolyte, Webspinner(has to be a better option out there), Famine. I like this one just simply to get Acolyte as large as possible while the Gorgotha shield holds.

That last comp reminded me of a submission I wanted to pose to @Tacet, Acolyte/Cthyryzyx team for one of those 4xPeasant style videos! I’d love to see a half-way decent demon team, that doesn’t include the Mythics.

GoW Team Build Compendium

I’ve only used two PvP teams in my whole tenure up to lvl 300 where I’m now. So I’m not sure I can compare. But my Herdmaster***/Soothsayer***/Valkyrie***/Druid** team is still going very strong, I regularly beat team score 7500ish teams with it. I don’t yet see many 8000’s.

I do avoid Mab teams if they have the third trait, but only because I find it annoying to fight against.


Peasant/Peasant/Peasant/Peasant. Works wonders. <3 it!


I enjoy this team: Behemoth / Green Seer / Giant Spider / Black Manacles (Sorc)

The looping of Seer and Spider is fun and can make Behemoth really big Immense, while the AoE damage from Behemoth and Manacles is relatively good at blasting teams down. It also has Impervious and Entangle to help deal with Maw/Mab, and a little RNG flare with the Devour from Manacles. It’s not terribly fast, but it’s a welcome change of pace and quite successful.

Other than that, I have a fondness for Rowanne teams, though several of those have been posted recently in other threads.


Some of my current favorites that don’t include Mab/Maw/Emperor are:

Gorgotha/Shadow Hunter/Druid/Valkyrie
I use this one to take down teams with huge HP or level 1000 whales.

Gorgotha/Soothsayer/Crimson Bat/Spirit Fox
This gives consistent wins albeit a little slower than the meta.

Herdmaster/Bone Dragon/Alchemist/Famine
I love playing this one. It also gives faster consistent wins. (Granted, I do use Manticore or Maw as first slot with this one for different fights.)


Right now I’m playing:

Jarl / Serpent / Valk / Zephyros and getting some souls…


Dig it, thanks for the submission.


I still revert to my Gorg/Bat/Psion/Moloch team once in a while.

Gorg takes damage while the others true damage and deny mana.


I still play with Emperina **, Slime , Keeper of Souls, Green Seer *** every so often. If you can get Emperina’s stats buffed, great, but it can sometimes take away from the primary loop of Seer-Slime-KoS/Seer. So primarily, she’s the meat shield until Slime gets big. It’s the team I used for a long time after Slime was introduced, and it’s still fun.


Several teams that I switch over to if I feel I don’t need to use a Emp/Mant/Valk team:

Sorcerer w Black Manacles or Creeping Death
Giant Spider

Sorc or Archer w Crescendo
Crimson Bat or Death

Lady Anarial

Behemoth or Emp


Gorgotha herdmaster mirilith war


EK***, Amira***, Spirit Fox***, Manticore***. Absolutely deadly to any blue team (Mab, EK, Behemoth, etc.) and a killer to most others as well. Not too hot on defense as the AI doesn’t target Amira worth a damn, but my current favorite invasion team. I call it “King Kitty”.


Emperor Meow?



Spider Queen
Lady Anariel



#Original Blue


There’s no need to be catty, @Mufasha. :wink:


I run a different team every week for the Tier 1 PvP climb.

This week: Jank Beast
Black Beast***
Anointed One**
Winged Bison***

Get Anointed One as big as possible without Black Beast dying then devour him. If you get Bison summons, target them with black beast. If not, target Carnex with Black Beast for the full heal/skulls (he will not be devoured because he is Impervious). Doesn’t work as well as the spider/seer beast loop (not helped by the fact that Bison is worse than a spider swarm in pretty much every stat until ascended to at least Legendary), but I felt compelled to shoehorn him in there somehow.

When I was finished with Tier 1, I switched it up for Black Beast/Anointed One/War Sphinx/Terraxis for defense. It has a 15% win rate, somehow.


Giant Spider***
Green Seer**
Staff of Madness***

Infernal King***

Green Seer**

And Only against 1 trophy matches so far,

Giant Spider***
Sacrificial Priest***


I love to play this kind of game as Board Controller (without using Goblin :stuck_out_tongue: .)
The first team is what i have been playing from the very beginning and (IMO) it still be the invincible Team for invading:


However, For someone who has all troop maxed, i think this one looks great:
Giant Spider*
Green Seer***
Boar Raider***