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What needs to be improved and nerfs

Ok so the resources that you get are shite example you do a battle right and you get 100 gold and you should let people replay challenges that they completed it and work on the leveling scaling like level 50 vs 50 not 50 vs 1000 thats bs and exsplore give me a break its not lower player friendly my lil sis just wants resources like trate stones or souls and the challenges gag me with a spoon why can’t you replay the challenge you like lets just make resources change and make it harder please make friendly for new playes and the things need nerfed the golbins and webwever tangle shouldnt be count it as webed bs and things.that i would like be improved on would be the choice of turning off doom skulls and make it so you see who gave you honor and the exact thing you need to be promoted and if you loose when a gnome comes as long as you kill you get the rewards and if you lose you will get 1 exp for your classes and should put a hero only spot have 4 as units spots and have 1 as a hero slot

And breathe… :wink:


Punctuation clearly needs a buff. Capitalization too.


I don’t know what you’re all talking about, OP is a gun:

Honestly, some pretty reasonable suggestions in there.

I’d love for Challenges to be replayable without the bonus rewards, particularly at a Difficulty level of your choice (or within given parameters).

I totally agree that battle rewards from Quests are shite, but I think the rest are okay. @Killasean, get Dragon Armor. It costs 500 Gems, and will increase the amount of Gold you get after each battle.

I also think some of this constitutes valuable feedback for the Devs with regards to early level difficulty ramping, particularly with Quests, Pet Rescues, and – so it would seem – Explore and Challenges! Smoothing that out to be a more gradual curve at the beginning would make sense to me.

Partial rewards for losses has been brought up a couple of times, and largely been forgotten about.

Some of the other suggestions seem interesting from a design perspective, although would potentially just be hard [time-consuming] to work in to the current system.


Thanks for taking the time to break that down. I didn’t even make it through 4 lines of text before I gave up. Can’t imagine I was the only one to not bother reading it through to completion. That was much more excruciating than reading posts with 4 times the number of period breaks than are necessary.

@Killasean first off welcome to the forums & trying to provide feedback on your playing experience. Unfortunately the lack of punctuation, organization & the volume of different run-on ideas isn’t going to get you your desired consideration & attention from the devs that need to wade through & interpret your ideas. Hopefully Jonathan’s rework helps with that in this case.


Ok if you had to re type it 2 times because of using Microsoft Edge on the xbox one and kept on saying to recover the page and had a rough day the frist time was perfect but then recover the page and then the 2nd time i said screw this and said i dont want to take 2 hours to type that in again if you had a rough day and had to re type it then you will understand and you didnt have to read it but you did and thank you for the welcome