I'm bored of the game

this game really need some content

  • doing arena is pointless because the rewards are awful
  • i’ve done all the campaign already and even then so many of them pit you against the same fight like 3-4 times in a row
  • playing PvP is an unending chore where you always face the same goblin team and there is nothing to do but grind for more souls and coin in order to upgrade kingdom in order to… grind more souls and coin

i feel like i’ve reached the point where the game just stopped being fun, there is no reason to bother with building or trying other teams because skull generator trump over anything else in PvP so it just makes things even more repetitive

Hi Teasel,

The new patch 1.0.9 is coming soon, with(I’ve heard) a lot of troops adjustments.As well as Hero class upgrades. It’s worth waiting for, right? Also Drifting Sand is coming probably in the next few weeks.

Every puzzle games is more or less repetitive, gems of war is a lot less repetitive than most puzzle games. That is my opinion. I agree that its too much skull here and there, but thats just a fase.

Hope you keep coming back for more, pal! :slight_smile:


My advice to you: Sit tight for a week or two.

There’s a big new update coming sometime in the next couple of weeks that’s going to mix things up a TON. It’s likely to totally upend in the current meta and bring us all new teams with the Hero Classes plus balancing changes. There’s also a new Kingdom coming, which means a bunch of new troops. And they’ve discussed changes to Arena and Treasure Maps to make them more rewarding.

Right now I’m pretty sure everyone is just grinding and squirreling away all of their resources until the update drops so they can go nuts with all of the new stuff.


I agree with @Studs and @Eika. There are a lot of changes in the works right now so it would probably reward you to be patient with the game. It is a grind that seems neverending sometimes but you can change things up. Do a bit of everything to keep it fresh. Build a team that beats skulls and crank out some pvps. The arena rewards right now aren’t that much but there is variety in the teams that you have the option of playing there. And a little is better than nothing. Fire off some treasure maps to get easy rewards. Come up with some ideas that you think would make the game better and put them on the forum. The devs listen. Everyone’s ideas over all the updates have made the game what it is now.

And with 1.09 out very soon it is only going to get better.

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Based on everything you said, I think you should consider focusing on the Arena.

You said arena is pointless because of low rewards, but then complained about the grindy nature of the game. If you don’t like the gathering resources part of the game, then arena is actually perfect for you. All resources are useless for arena, there’s no use for leveling or traits, you can just enjoy your matches and ignore resources completely.

You also complained about always facing the same teams in PvP. Arena doesn’t have that, you can always count on facing a variety of teams. You also get to try many teams yourself, without the need to build and level them. Skull damage means much less in arena than it does in other modes.

…Unless you don’t particularly enjoy the core match-3 gameplay, in which case there is no need to force yourself to play this game. You don’t like it? Move on to other stuff. But that’s hardly the game’s fault, just a matter of taste.


@Eika nailed it right on the head by saying this is a great variation on puzzle games.

My wife absolutely loves games like this, but the strategy part is mostly my forte. She regularly tells me, “You build, I play”. I’ve shown her how the game will be expanding in 1.08 (we play on Console) and you can see the fear in her eyes, but i assure her that, (1) the game is getting bigger, but better and (2) I’ll build her great Teams.


Arena don’t have great rewards, but I find myself playing a lot of arena because I find it fun.


Where is the sense in this Thread ? play another Game?

I’m feeling completely the opposite. Completely addicted to the game. New content has been added only 2 months ago and some new content is right away the corner. No complaints.

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Do what most of the wiser veterans did a while ago: look some other game.

Fixed that for ya!


LOL @Studs

Seriously, what “other game” do you recommend @Pasa? I don’t see another puzzle game with this much to it, never mind how entertaining it is.

Can it be improved? Yeah, every game can. Does GoW piss me off sometimes? Sure, but that’s called being challenging.

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You could always go spend thousands on Marvel Puzzle Quest!


I thought Marvel Puzzle Quest costs 1 human soul and $1,000+. That game makes GoW’s VIP system look like pocket change.

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Seriously? What challenge? The last time this game had balance was well over a year ago, when max level was 10.

Now people play challenges on W4 for farming and pvp is 90% pushover teams with the other 10% coin toss.

If you’re around for long and have resources you die death of a thousand clicks while you use them up, if not you die of hunger while playing those 1600 farm games just to trait up a single legendary.

It could be made fun by dozens of easy ways, all suggested hundreds of times, but development goes differently. how many times you are happy to repeat the very same thing before calling it boring is fair?

Dammit @Tacet! How many times do we have to tell you that we don’t talk about the First Born policy!


I wonder if you are bored of the game overall or if you are board with the pvp part, arena part, story part, or treasure hunter part. There is much to do in the game well sorta. also if you play another game it does not have to be a puzzle game (this is a puzzle game?) but a fps game or adventure game. you can also watch youtube videos or visit an art site like furaffinity and see what people are drawing in their free time. It does not have to be furaffinity though.

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