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Game gets so much boring,many leave :(

Dear Support Team ,
Let me tell you ,that already many players leave the game . I‘m a friend of many guilds ,and we talk a lot about the game . In our guild ( Magix ),every week we also lost a member . Reason that for is ,that the game started to be boring . Because everyone like to play the same def troops . I already fought my Guild wars ,there are 4 times the same enemie troop . Forest Troll /Kraken/Kraken/Mab .Every day ,every time . Never ending story .
If someone like to play pvp ,he need to play 8 of 10 fights against that def team .No variety at the moment . We need a system ,which is able to change the teams ,you have to fight against.Also we need some variety for that Guild wars . Everyday the same fights . I say it from my heard ,think about it and change that system like that . Otherwise you will lost ,more and more players .


They already have a “solution”.
With 3.2 (I assume?) will come a change were you’ll get more points AS A PLAYER for setting unique defense teams (unique as in different troops). Each day you use a duplicate of a troop for defense - you lose potential points for it.
Which means 24 troops worth of bonus points, potentially.

However, I’m afraid till that change comes, it might already be somewhat late.


That’s not a real solution though. You’ll still see the combo everywhere. It’s like every patch they make this game worse and worse.

I am perfectly aware.
… But I believe it will help.

Players will want to put the strongest defenses against their direct nemesis - to reduce their points - and put creative teams against everybody else to maximize their own.
PvP will not change, but for GW, this is a good one.

im hoping they would put similiar solution for pvp defense actually, too bad it didnt get enough of votes in the QA thread - so devs probably wont even touch the subject…


It’s tough to fix a problem that human nature helps to create. We all want to win. Therefore we all want to use teams that win. Over hundreds of plays and the piles of info sharing within and among guilds, we’re going to gravitate toward teams that win. Why would anyone field a subpar defense in GW and risk losing their rewards? Those meager PvP defense rewards may not seem much but over hundreds or thousands of battles they add up.

As long as something is on the line - resources, prestige, money, whatever - people will want to win to get it and will do what it takes to win. If there’s no reward for winning then people get bored.

I’m going to state it now so I can shout “I told you so” later…no matter what solution the devs come up with to help combat this natural gravitation toward maximizing everything to win, people aren’t going to be happy with it because they’re going to be upset that they’re being forced to use suboptimal teams and therefore lose ranks and rewards they could have gotten.

So unless you can change human nature the issue will persist forever. Games like MTG solve it by having rotating formats to break up metas but you still have to deal with them for several weeks at a time. The same happens here. Every time they nerf something to break the meta people move to the next most optimal team, therefore creating the next boring meta.


This, however, is not as extreme as you may think.

… The meta where you sometimes have only 1 turn to win, otherwise the enemy AI will just wisp you to death - or Troll-Kraken loop you the same…
Yup, I’ve had matches like those.

Meta that is challenging, and changing over time is not a bad thing. Not my preference, but it has been proven times and times again it works (called perfect imbalance).
A>B>C>A mechanics are common in plenty of games. And it could work here.

But teams like the current meta that never gives you a chance to retaliate, and is able to win in 2 turns - that’s not defined as bad - that’s defined as absurd. At this point - the GW brackets have become pretty much a coin toss and PvP a cave of frustration.

And that is easy to address by balance. But that needs to be periodic - so a new meta comes frequently - and people look forward to countering it.
Let’s say… Skull damage buffed by 50% for 1 week, Famine starting with 25% mana, Psion being immune to entangle and stun, Enchant giving 4 mana per turn instead of 2.

If you did this - there would be something new to analyze, build and counter. Every week.
But we don’t have that.

We are stuck with boring, frustrating troops that are obviously overpowered and nobody gives a flying …


you dont have to change human nature, but you can use it

if the rewards for systematically setting different, various defense teams will be greater then keeping meta team - ppl will start naturally changing it