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The game has become so boring after the 3.3 update

Move the Raid Boss and Tower thing in Games instead of replacing the GW.

I haven’t played Raid Boss/Tower events much honestly I am really thinking of quiting the game,


Here’s how you fix it.

During Raid Boss/Tower weeks, pick a random gem color and build a team that’s all those colors. Now go into PvP. Fight 5 PvP matches in a row, and award yourself a random score between 1200 and 9000. Congratulations! You’ve done your Guild Wars for the day. Now that the event is over, go do something different, like fighting PvP matches.


Jokes aside, the iddle time players have on their hands can be used to properly sharpen their skills for GW. Just set your defense on PVP to some team you particularly have trouble with like Dwarves on Red Day or Forest Troll / Nyx / Dawnbringer / (Mab / Kraken / Skaddi / Whatever) and test your builds against it.

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The problem with this is it will give FAR TOO MUCH variety in battles to actually stimulate the true GW actual experience. He could set his PvP defend Team to a Goblins meta and only use Green 5x, then tomorrow set typical Dwarf meta and only Use Red 5x, etc. :wink:


If the torture of GW was the only thing keeping you in the game…