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Thank you devs for making gw more interesting

It’s obvious from reading my posts around the forum, that it’s easy to see I’m really unhappy with the state of this new UI and I’ve been extremely vocal. Occasionally I’ve probably gone too far but this because I love the game and it really breaks my heart to see what’s happened to it.
However as much as I have been complaining about the game, I’m also equally capable of giving praise.
I just wanted to thank Sirrian and Co for making gw more interesting and encouraging thoughtful team building.
Well done guys.


Agreed. The new set up for guild wars defenses is a refreshing change for the better. No more of the same old teams being used, so much variety makes guild wars interesting yet still challenging. It is a welcomed addition :+1:

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Just wait 2-3 week and you will say you always play same team on red day :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it will be that bad. Encouraging people to use different troops means that most players will only use, say, Mab, once per week, so they’ll have to choose whether they want to use her on their Troll team or their Justice team, or some other team. Same goes for Famine, Psion, Spirit Fox and lots of other annoying troops. Plus, no more double-Kraken or double-Wisp teams.

Personally, I’m not in a competitive guild and don’t put a ton of effort into GW, so I just give up a few bonus points and use Psion and Spirit Fox wherever I want to, but even for me, I am still using 21 different troops instead of the 4 that I used to use.

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I have a glacial peaks defence lined up for one of the days, it’ll probably be rubbish but it’s decent when I use it in pvp. So at least it’s something a bit different for folks to go up against.

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I agree with OP on this sentiment. My guild seems to have gotten more interested in GW again & 2 of our biggest naysayers who would only jump in if begged to for a few more points to win the day have been playing every day now and even scored well enough to heralds. At least for now it seems like less of a chore for those who didn’t want to deal with it at worst, and more exciting and thought provoking for many of us at best. Kudos!

I too fear we’ll see metas appear for each color day but I think that’s a ways off while many of us to try different teams on different days to see what works & what doesn’t.


dwarves run amok?