So far so good with the meta in GW

Seems the defense bonus is working fine in GW. Now. Please. Do. Something. About. The. Meta. In. PVP.
Please. Pretty please.


I agree with this 100%, I cannot stand doing normal PvP now as its all the same.


PvP is the bane of my existence atm. :sob:

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Don’t panic. People is already at work to get the defense bonus while using our beloved Troll/Kraken/Kraken/Mab every day.
It’s somewhere in this forum and I wanted to signal such a noble entreprise to the devs before it becomes a thing and then we have to accept it because it’s only against the spirit of the game.

But I cannot find that thread anymore :frowning:

I reached that point about a month ago. Now I just do PVP to reach PVP tier 1 and after that I go to the arena to get the trophies for doing my guilds weekly trophy requirement. PVP’s just too boring right now…

I am doing the exact same thing, Dawnbringer makes arena fun again, but I would not want to try it without this arena breaking weapon.

We have been discussing a few ideas, but nothing solid yet.


Why not give more rewards for using weekly troops in defense? At least the meta will change every week

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Troll spells need to cost more.

Kraken should not create gems.

Wisp should not get an extra turn.

If you get a 4- or 5-match, it should “shatter” and end Frozen status for all troops. You still lose the turn, but you are no longer Frozen.

First three should be pretty simple; not sure about the last. Little things would go a long way toward alleviating the current PVP frustrations.


Frozen status is ok as it is

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I am enjoying the changes to GW DEF, it has made it fun for me again instead of a chore, not saying I still did not get mopped up on some battles, beings that if it were not a challange what would be the point


Guess we can agree to disagree. Frozen in its current incarnation slows the game down unnecessarily, takes away a lot of strategy, and otherwise just gets really old really fast in PVP.

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I like frozen, i use it against the troll-kraken team and it work very well i also use it against any looping team or the goblin
There is so much thing worst then frozen.

Devour and mana drain are the worst imo


Nerfing kraken or trolls will simply be a temp fix addressing the symptom not the cause. The root cause is that meta teams are easy to build and trait. If the intent is to encourage defense team diversity, then a long term solution must either:

  1. Give an incentive to players that use non-meta teams; or
  2. Give a disincentive to players that use meta teams

Of the 2 solutions, 1) is much harder to implement given that the game has grown to more than 400 troops. For 2), this seems much easier. A simple fix would be implement a defense team leader board that lists the Top 10 most commonly used defense teams. Defense teams on this list can then be hard coded so that they are always offered as 1 trophy matches that earn only 3 glory and half the gold. A system like this would spur innovation and encourage players to design their own unique teams. Better still would be if we can bring back the sliders. This would allow players to not only design unique defense teams but also customize the AI for their unique team.


I don’t agree with you, the first guy who found that team deserve to use it, it’s not his fault if everyone with no brain copy and paste his team and he doesn’t deserve to be penalize cause a bunch of no imagination guys copied Him

I don’t think there is a way to copyright defense teams.

I don’t say people need to copyright their team, i say your solution is not good
Cause it penalize the guys who found that
Team and then everyone decided to do same then him.

We can’t do anything about meta, if it’s not the troll it will be something else

Because you cannot stop people from copying, it is probably a bad idea to put your best unique defense team permanently on PVP. I certainly don’t. What I do is that I use PVP to test out new teams. If it has a sufficiently good win rate, I then archive it for GW. For regular PVP, I normally put up either an event-based team or an average non-meta team.

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Wouldn’t this punish lower players that can’t beat 2t or 3t?

Think it will help rather than hurt the lower players. By moving the meta teams to 1t, the former 1t/2t teams have a much higher chance to appear to 2t/3t matches.