Thank you Mean Machine

After 5 of my battles yesterday being Psion/Famine facing you guys today GW was actually fun for the first time in weeks with only 1 battle being a Psion/Famine team today.


You are welcome even though you did not fight me. I also do not have a Famine team setup and I feel your pain. I cannot stand being in Bracket 1 due to all the meta defenses and the Devs refusal to do anything about it. But look at the bright side, at least we are not console and stuck with their problems.

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Maybe if more people stop using the meta defenses then it will encourage others to do the same? Share the love and what not. It’s definitely within the players’ power to… The only time I ever use a meta defense is if I do all my attacks and run into nothing but meta defenses. That feels like a pretty good rule to me.

Also, a little game theory: If everyone in Bracket 1 stopped using meta defenses it would make it easier for everyone to get max points in turn making it easier for everyone to stay in Bracket 1. It’s in everyone’s best interest to pick easy defenses! (But then a bad apple can really ruin the bunch.)

Just wondering, this team work differently on pc? Cause i saw this team on console and can’t say it’s a problem, yeah of course i loose sometimes against this team but it’s not because of the team, most of the time is because the board is all purple or red but once i got 1 troop full it’s not a problem anymore

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It, much like FG/Kerby, is intended to induce rage every once in a while by getting a lucky streak. If Psion catches a lucky skull match then the combo of the two can keep you locked down and make it difficult to get a perfect score. Similarly, a lucky Kerby shot or two can really wreck your ability to get a perfect score. None of them are that hard to beat but they’re played a ton so there’s good odds they’ll get lucky every once in a while and thus anger players b/c they can’t always get a perfect score. Those players then come here to whine b/c they can’t always get a perfect score. (I do understand the concerns about monotony and think it’s a problem, but it’s also 5 fights a day so I don’t think it’s nearly as big a deal as players make it out to be.)

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Psion/Famine is something I hardly see in bracket 2 on PS4, but my wife gets it all the time in Bracket 1. Assuming you’re not overly fussed about getting a 4x maximum bonus each day, what do you find are some effective counter-teams?

I suggested an Assassin-lead (crude club), IK, Mercy, Sheggra team and it seems to be working pretty well, but I’m curious about some other reliable counters.

Justice league work very well against them :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s almost like cheating using Justice League to Invade😉

We’re so sick of that team, we refuse to use it for anything. Also, if/when it ever gets fixed, we’re going to need something to take it’s place.

Almost but if someone want to play dirty i will play dirty :slight_smile:

I agree but famine gonna be more nerfed so it will help to make the transition

Also i don’t feel bad using it in invasion , the dev don’t want to block it so i will use it against this stupid mana drain team

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Desdaemona is quite efficient but it does depend on the day. I usually use my actual charger in second place or use archer with mountain crusher or something else non magic dependent in front or quick charging. This week on PC/mobile thrall is nice as well.


We have tried using Desdaemona, but it can be tough to charge her enough times to plow through two famines before TDS gets rolling. I don’t think I’ve tried a Desdaemona-lead team, but that might be a good approach (relying on her demon-slayer trait, rather than her spell). Desdaemona IK/Mercy/Sheggra, or Desdaemona Gorgotha (2nd slot charger, as you suggest), something, something could be good…

I shower every day and feel very clean.:wink:


I’ve tried Desdemona quite a few times, it’s almost good enough. But I’ve had it fall apart enough that I don’t use her in GW.

The safest approach to Psion is Stun, then the normal wipe. Its that Skull steal that the tricky danger.

We can’t get Desdaemona up to reliable 1-shot range against Famine most of the time, triggering our frustration against the double-famine teams (it is really tough to charge 4 times against a mana drain team).

I’ve been liking the Assassin lead team. It’s refreshing to have it sitting there and not care if it gets silenced or drained and that 10% chance is going to cash in once I start spamming skulls. Plus, with crude club in hand, the most mana that can be stolen is 4. It’s turned those fights from 3 minutes of dread to a mild expectation of something good about to happen.

I tend to make new PvP teams weekly. Last week I ran an archer(mtn crusher), IK, ketras,mercy fast and efficient since virtually all teams are either psion,x,famine,x or weekly boosted metas. Its not too desired for GW given the monocolor points bonus system. I generally scout and arrange on the fly anyhow.

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Yeah same here, sometime a good weekly event troops can make miracle :slight_smile:

I was thinking Archer would be even better than Assassin, but I knew my wife wouldn’t have either class traited and Arcane Darks were in the shop with Necrezza this week. Having some options going forward will be great.

Against famine the best counter is hellcat, alchemist, moloch, desdaemona. Kill as many famines as you like in one turn once alchemist is charged :grinning:

P.S. thanks for your message Maxx, I do sometimes run a famine defence so I can’t pretend I’m not part of the problem. But today I did not and it’s nice to hear that people appreciate that.