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I like the DEFENSE feature!

I must say even with the save issue - I really like the Defense Feature in GW.

Other than a couple of folks this weeks (two to be exact who choose not to do the unique but the standard meta) I have had a blast going up against some really really awesome teams.

And I have even lost in what I call a fair battle.

For example King High Forge or StoneHammer with Lord and Lady IronBeard is a tough team to beat. Focus on the wrong target to eliminate CAN get you toasted.

And I am hearing this from other players too…they like that they finally can do something different instead of the same old team to battle the same old meta team and then it is RNG only.


Agreed, once they iron out the defense reset bug I think this feature is gonna really enhance Guild Wars, both making it strategically more interesting and making the actual matches more fun to play.


Agreed I liked this week with some exceptions that some use the same meta.teams dragon team kraken mab. But overall yes more variety.

Yeah, I’m still seeing all the obnoxious meta teams, but basically at 1/5 the rate. While that still meant a lot of obnoxious fights, I saw some really creative teams this week too.

I am curious to hear if the top few guilds have noticed a change. I assume they’re deliberately targeted with the worst of the meta.

There is a little more variety but we are still mostly seeing Krakens and Wisps. :slight_smile:


Much better in bracket 1 on ps4 too