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Don't Forget! The Unique GW Defend Team Mechanic Added in 3.2 Starts TODAY

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that the new unique defend team mechanic for Guild Wars starts today. Essentially, you need to set your defend teams so that all 6 teams use a total of 24 unique troops with none repeating.

Here is a video briefly going over the new mechanic:


I can see your defense team for blue day there and I kinda hate you right now


In all fairness, that has been my standard defend team for the past 3 months. :stuck_out_tongue:


Today I was up against 5 Elspeth/Deathknight teams, I still have no clue how I only was able to lose once.

Good luck everyone! :+1:


I remember it from the last few times I’ve fought you in GW

This was a really good idea. Today I fought 5 different teams and for the first time ever I actually had fun in GW.


And there were some good teams today. (Exclude the Justice League). It actually made me think.

Thank you players who actually decided to do this and move away from the overabused teams.


I got Kraken/Mab in 5 different combos, but I’m guessing it’s because people will target top3 GW guilds.


Thats sad… That’s really sad.

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That sucks. People will probably be throwing their best defense teams against the strongest guilds in each bracket.

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Yeah, but for example if a guild is struggling to stay in bracket, there’s no point of setting best defence vs the stronger guild, they should be targeting ones that are direct competitors to avoid relegation to lower bracket.

Same goes for ones that are in middle of pack - no need to target top guilds as it won’t change much for them. Say you are 4-6th each week. Target guilds that are usually 4-6th so you secure your 4th spot.

I fully expect to have crazy defense teams vs Tyrant or Anon as they should expect crazy def teams when we’re fighting them.

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What people tend to forget is - the points will make a difference.
I have watched us loose over the last couple of weeks by less than 2000 a day.

So - if the other guild wants to not put unique troops out for defense, they’re going to find out they may win the battles but they didn’t win the day.

I’m already seeing since our guild really does want to embrace the 2k per day points (thats’ a wooping 60k for a full 30 player guild) - that’s not small change.

If you choose not to use unique troop defence team, you should be sure that your defense wins at least 2 battles each day otherwise it’s not worth it and of course you have to win 5 :slight_smile:

Target bug can’t get fixed quickly enough. As if forest troll wasn’t fast enough, we now get turn 1 guaranteed fills. Congrats on 4 victories though!

I haven’t seen it in GW yet but I think I’d use astral spirit to counter it and remove greens on turn 1.

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There’s also the fact that to build enough teams it now makes sense to use troops/weapons that target specific colors. Those will only be useful on 1 day so to some extent your teams will pick themselves (rather than trying to target specific guilds).

I have 24 unique troops in defense for all 6 days and 1st when I enter GW menu it says 12000 bonus but when I scroll to the right to day 2 to 6, then it always say 23 troops / 11500 pts bonus ?! Is the hero not taken in count?

Also when 1st entering Defense menu, its impossible to scroll to days 4 to 6. I am forced to go to Sentinels menu and come back to Defense menu to access to these days. Xbox.



Thank you mate!


@Tacet You made some excellent general points about Invasion teams for each color, thanks.

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This is a really good change for people who don’t have 6 strong teams to set! Now I’ll feel like even more of a burden on my guild.

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You have a good point about individuals, though I would encourage you to work with your guild on some unexpected teams that you can field. Also, please keep in mind that the game is collectively better off due to this encouragement of variety.