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Can the devs please play their game

I don’t mean 5 - 10 battles a day I mean play it properly like a lot of endgame people are. I know you play a few battles a day and can see the data but I don’t think you properly know how bad endgame pvp is at the moment. 90% of my battles are Forest Troll/Kraken/Kraken/Mab and fighting the same team over and over again is really boring.

Yesterdays GW battles 4 were against Forest Troll/Kraken/Kraken/Mab and today all 5 were against Forest Troll/Kraken/Kraken/Mab and a few of my guildmates said the same thing all their fights were against Troll/Kraken/Mab.

@Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Saltypatra or one of the other devs can you please make a level 1000 account with everything maxed out and either join a top guild or create a guild with all statues at level 100 and all guild tasks completed and then do 50+ battles a day for a week.

Ever since I have been playing one team has taken over pvp first it was Bone Dragon then Kerberos then Psion/Famine then Wisps and now Troll/Kraken. Instead of nerfing a troop and waiting for something else to take over how about giving people a reason to use different defense teams in pvp.


I want them to experience end game the way we do too so +1 to this! They don’t even think wisp is a problem since removing surge on 4 match :sweat_smile::laughing:


All they need to do is play one Troll-Kraken deck and they’ll have a full weeks worth of the guild wars experience


Humor aside, it’s not the difficulty of the team that’s the issue, it’s playing one team again and again and again. The first few times facing any well-crafted team, it’s an interesting puzzle, assessing the strengths and weaknesses and seeing what the creator’s intent is. The hundredth time is a slog.


+1 to this…

Of course, the senior devs are seriously busy, and likely don’t have time to do 50+ battles a day… shame… perhaps they could pay a little more attention to the view on here from those who do…


On the money. It’s boring at the top. There’s only 3-4 teams at the top anyways, and 99% of my guild wars the last few weeks has been Troll-Kraken-Kraken-Mab with little variation.

It’s boring playing the same stuff over and over and over. Give some incentive. Don’t Turn this into a Magic/Hearthstone net deck Meta or bust thing.


Let’s hope the unique troop on defense helps GW.

For PvP, please give us:

  • More choices then 3 teams
  • Cheaper reroll (players currently prefer a retreat over paying a gem)
  • either a customizable banned-troop list
  • Or a safety net code that makes it that troops that you just beat can’t be in your next fight.
    (So if your last fight was Wisp-Wisp-Kraken-Mab, then your next choice of opponent won’t have any of those)

im sorry i took 1 turn mr ai :sob:



I would really like the idea of a banned troop list, maybe pay a 200 coin deduction(before bonuses) per troop banned or something would help, at least in PVP.

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Some good ideas. Skipping the teams with the same defense as last time is great.
Banned list yeah, each one could cost more than the one before, or they’re limited in number.

I’d go so far as to recommend posting these in feature request category.

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What? He’s still alive? Nerf the alchemist!


So my first thought is…


…except it’s Sirrian, so it’s one of the only people who could actually help, so now I’m torn!


I was just having a bit of fun at the poor Alchemist’s expense, but rest assured we ARE playing the game!

  1. I think the GW defense bonus is going to help a lot with variety when it comes out. We’ll keep a close on that, of course, and if it doesn’t, it’s super easy for us to adjust the bonus and make it more worthwhile.

  2. In 3.2, there is a change to the way Kraken’s trait resolves. IT resolves ONCE for each boardful of gems… which takes the edge off that team in the screenshot a little. I played around 50-ish games against various L1000+ Troll/Kraken teams last week in 3.2, and while you DO still have to pay attention, and try to keep green off the board, they feel considerably more balanced to me.


So for clarity it with only effect tentacles trait and not glob calculation mechanism is regards to mana generation or other gem match traits?

Balancing will be a constant battle and people will gravitate to the optimal solution. Lack of team variety is the thing that wears people down (besides win rates below a certain threshold).

So if there was a map with the various team variants and people were guaranteed to get a different defense team for 10 in a row, that would dramatically change the experience. If that caused common teams to get selected less often in matchup the resulting drop in glory,etc from defense wins would be an incentive to do more diverse defense teams.

The GW defense team bonus is an example where you’re already planning to address the problem for GW by changing the incentive structure. This could be the sort of solution for pvp.


That’s what it reads like, but I certainly hope it’s the latter. It doesn’t make sense that a single blob of orbs should count as multiple matches. Besides Kraken, it causes ridiculous stuff like Mab freezing an entire team with a single Troll cast. Same for all the other 4-5 match triggered traits.

It is for all match-type traits. Match 3 (i.e Krystanax), along with other Match 4/5 traits (i.e Mab, Kraken, etc.) will only resolve once per board. When gems start cascading, the traits will activate again.


Wow that is a pretty big change.

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Thanks! That’s awesome!

Yeah i dont know how i feel about that… Will change the entire game i feel