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So what am I missing here?

First off I want to say that the last gnome I couldn’t find the little son of a crow and when I did I got Jack squat. Back to original point, what I am missing here? After everything is done what the heck are supposed to do. Just PvP, Arena and wait for events. I started my own guild with my wife. Now the game goes nowhere. I am playing it on my PC. Like the game but quickly losing interest.

What is it you want to do?

There are a lot of game modes and events now, many more than there have ever been in the history of the game. Ultimately though, it’s a resource grind and collection game. If the goal of completion (with moving goalposts) isn’t enough to interest you — and it certainly isn’t for everyone — it would be good to know what is. What keeps you going back to a game over the long term?


With all the new events i agree when it’s GW this is more relax. The other weeks you get 2-3 events at the same time

Is there just two of you in your guild?
It takes a guild of at least 20 I would guess, to progress in this game.
That could be the reason

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Surprisingly our little guild isn’t too shabby for two people IMO. The games modes do you mean like the quest which stop after you finish it, it is the same for the challenge. The arena is repetitive. The events seem like some are just rigged and others are made for people who are light years ahead. You can get through a couple of the task and then I am not leveled high enough yet or fortunate/lucky to be blessed with the ability to spend money on the game or get cards like Legendary Troops. That just leaves the PVP. The only reason it would be a resourcing game is if your part of a guild and they require you to pay your share of gold. Otherwise there is no need to unless to upgrade your troops or kingdoms you are not collecting resources to build something for say. The rarity of me actually collecting something new like a troop is maybe 2 times month.

Spot on from @Mariana. Sir @Theswedking, you should try to find a guild that is at least close to full for both of you, where everyone is contributing a fair amount of gold weekly on guild tasks. If you want progression with both game and collection this is the way to go.


What you need from a guild is completion of tasks.
For the rewards definitely. You need the keys to get more troops in order to ascend your’s to the next level. But also for the gem masteries, which make your teams more powerful.
You will never progress very far in a guild of only 2.
Both myself and @Eika have been playing the game a long time and we know of what we speak :slight_smile:


I believe you and that is what I guess my post was about what was I missing. I guess it was you have a choice apparently to join a guild or the game becomes irrelevant to you after you finish all of the other tasks. Call me the odd one but to join a guild to solely to give money and the ability to progress in a game is nonsense. This isn’t guild of gems or guild of wars. The kingdom quests and challenge become moot then if the sole purpose is to simply to join a guild and give money. Then I suggest they should had you join a guild from the start and also have the kingdom just banks that you collect money, no quest or other tasks except guild related because the other task aren’t going help you progress anyways.

They should suggest you join a guild from the start.
You can either recruit players to join your guild or look for a mid level good guild, there are many, that you could join.
A good guild will not ask for gold contributions until all your kingdoms are levelled to level 10. The most important use for gold early to mid game is to level your kingdoms.
The kingdom quests and challenges, level you up and give you a weapon and the Challenges souls which you need to level your troops.
Being in an active guild is fun and you can get lots of help with the many levels to this game
Good luck

This is a game of very slow progress. The amount of “stuff” you get in a day is mostly bounded by how many PvP, Arena, or Explore matches you can grind out. Some days, there are things like the class events that give you a chance to get more resources than usual. Most days, you’re expected to spend 99% of your time grinding PvP, Arena, or Explore matches. Being in a more active guild both makes you stronger and increases how much stuff you expect to get per week. But it doesn’t really give you a lot more to do.

I find it’s best played if you have a lot of slack time. It’s for bathroom breaks. Waiting rooms. I can play a lot of matches while binge-watching something like Twin Peaks or Steven Universe. You don’t measure your progress daily or weekly: most reasonable goals take at least a month to achieve. By the time you achieve them there will be new, similar goals to chase.

Even so, “accomplishing things” isn’t very tangible. By midgame, your “goal” will be things like “obtain enough traitstones to trait this one troop I use one day every three weeks for guild wars”. Or it might be, “Spend 2 months farming souls to get one weapon.” Or it might be, “Accumulate diamonds for 6 weeks to obtain a mythic I use one day every three weeks for Guild Wars”. See the pattern? This game is slow, and most of the things you accomplish don’t affect 99% of your play.

If you’re looking for something that provides meaningful process on a daily or hourly basis, you probably need to look for a game that isn’t F2P. Since they get their money up-front, they don’t have a good reason to make you wait 2 years to get the endgame content and you can progress much more quickly.

This defiantly isn’t a super mario where you play solo or co op and punch trough some levels. This is extremely grindy collection game where progress is slow and collective effort is rewarded. Solo things are just some bonus stuff you can do but in most instances you don’t even need to.

It looks like you have seen the different game modes, but it sounds like this game isn’t for you. That’s okay, though. Move on before you’ve wasted too much time and follow your passions!

Good luck!