What Needs Fixing That's Being Ignored By Makers

  1. Out Of Touch Changes that are KILLING the actual FUN of the Game.
  2. The Horrid Way That the End Player is Screwed & Penalized
  3. Unfair Penalizing of Top Guilds & Their Players (Part of Above)
  4. AI Programming & the Blatant Careful Wording of “No It’s Not” BS
  5. Gnome Weekends where Gnomes aren’t really that available (Low Vault Key Drops)
  6. Blatant denial of penalizing High Rank Players to help new players starting game

Any One want to continue with what they have Noticed as a Fun Killer


You forgot the utter crap that is how GW is handled.

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Make it 4x speed not default to 1x speed when trying to use a skill before the opponent finishes their turn. How is this not something everyone is outraged about lol?