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What kingdom do you grind for gnomes

Hello everyone
What is your favorite and easiest kingdom to grind for gnomes during vault weekend ?

I look at my traitstones and go where I can acquire the ones I have less, that way it’s not always the same faces I’m fighting :grin:


AFAIK Blackhawk, Wild Plains and Sin of Miraj have the lowest effective health totals. This is a somewhat loaded question though as it depends on what teams you use for grinding. Mostly like terberos said find a kingdom where you need traitstones from and target that I also like to make sure I’m using a team that I can use a class with that need class xp still like currently using Phoenecia team with Warlord because it is a class I need xp for that can start with a red storm. Because of that I’m avoiding any kingdom where troops start their turn with a storm that conflicts with that like Orrery or Umberwolf.


If you are using an AOE lineup, avoid kingdoms with:

  • Submerge
  • Any kind of spell damage reduction (depending on what level you play on)

Same, but I use Gemologica to tell me which traitstones I will need for unowned/upcoming troops.


That is a wise approach. I am not in need of any traitstones at the moment, so I just try to even them up.

Has the palooza → do pvp for guaranteed pet gnome and rescue been nerfed?

Not as i know, why? It worked for me today 15 times. It usually gives the pet gnome at least in the second pvp match.


I stopped after 5 and switched to explores (Xbox) wife tried on iOS and similar

That’s weird. I’m on android, but that makes no difference to ios. If there has not been an active pet rescue in the guild already running and the pet gnomes haven’t ran away, then I can’t really say what’s wrong…

it happened to me yesterday twice. i stopped after 10 pvp battles

Still working for me on Steam + Android.

I usually get a pet gnome in the first battle; sometimes my luck is bad and it takes one or two more; I think the worst I’ve had is having to play 8 battles before a pet gnome showed up.

Seemed to fix itself today, was strange

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are you sure it isnt just the RNG?


3x ironhawk team on wild plains