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What it's like to be in a top 10 guild

People keep asking me this question, so I decided to upload a screenshot which illustrates the typical top 10 guild experience:


I see what you did. Or I don’t see, eh?

It’s lonely at the top. :frowning:

I had thesame sceen two times in last 30 minutes. Together with message that I am not in the guild :slight_smile:
Quite scary. But it helped to quit game and log in again.
Server is supper down now so it doesn’t even make sense to try playing. I receive constant server errors or timeouts.

I see this before I see the emptiness:


I am just passing on playing. Retry jumping out all the time, you are not on the guild, can’t collect seals without closing the game afterwards and every few pvp games end loaded for so long that I got this battle already ended.

Being in a top 30 guild, it is having tons of tasks to complete, but knowing that you’ll never reach 40k seals. Someone is always either on vacation, or strangely absent. Also, waiting until the very last moment to sigh, and then open your glory equivalent chests because those 4 or 5 people didn’t do their part this week.

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Top 30 and you guys aren’t reaching 40k? We are ranked 40th right now and we got to 40k every single week. .


Yep, we must have a very unbalanced distribution of effort/seal generation compared to trophies.

in 15th place guild.

We hit 40K seals in evening of last day at latest, but do hit it Sat late or sun late each week so far. We get 4 of 6 or 5 of 6 guild tasks completed.

The gold requirements are steep to get all tasks done, and frankly, I have a life. We have a guild with folks who definitely put in the time, but the time required to get all tasks done is a bit high. Seals are doable and our requirement is 1250 seals and 250k donations. That’s it.

Our guild has a lot of working folks, partents with family and jobs as well as students going to school full time, etc. In short, we all have other stuff to do. So, we get what we can done.

We had two folks (both newer) leave last week because they wanted to get all tasks done each week and hit 40K seals sooner. I wish them well and I hope they don’t burn out.

I think all but one of our guardians are at 100… the other one is at 99 I think if it doesn’t make 100 this week.

We usually go for purple red and blue out of the gate in some kind of fashion… green, yellow and brown are all secondary concerns and unlocked if/when others are done.

I don’t think we have a single member over 1K level. I’m sitting just under lv 700 and one of the higher, but not highest in guild. Most members float around 250-600 from what I remember.

We have 2 or 3 people buy seals each week too, which is nice but completely on them.

Most in our guild do not chat much. We use the banner to communicate the requirements. I check that screen about once every other day or so…

So, that’s what its like where we roll, very laid back.

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[quote="Tactica, post:10, topic:13574]

Our guild has a lot of working folks, partents with family and jobs
In short, we all have other stuff to do. [/quote]

That is also our case in Anonymous.
Maybe we are just more addicted. :slight_smile:


LOL, too true I’m sure! The folks in the number 1-5 spots surely play way more than the rest:slight_smile:

hmm… Thinking out loud… I wonder… even if ‘time in game was the same per player in both guilds’ (I’m sure top dogs play way more btw… )… but hypothetically, I could speculate that even it’s possible for members of a top guild to be further ahead in the game, which allows them to yield greater resources in smaller amounts of time by comparison to others… (addictions and better players, etc being tabled for this thought process…)

For example, if in the higher guilds, more folks with everything done on the map are not worried about splitting gold, cities are all max leveled, then everything gen’d is going to tasks perhaps… (I know we have some who do not have all at 10 even). We have folks who do not have all cities at max power yet either, I still need a star on 2 cities to have them all at 5+… (need traitstones) and I’m at lv 675 or so. So the lionshare of our guild - if not all, still desire healthy quantities of souls… I’ve read that extreme vets in the 1K+ levels have no use for buckets of souls… I’m definitely a stranger to that feeling… however, I have most troops at max level and really only use souls now for new troops or pushing a city above 5+ as needed… so I’m getting there… and I digress. :slight_smile:

If a guild didn’t need souls, their teams could be spec’d for pure damage and time to kill’s reduced in theory… not to say that there are not great TDS and Valkyrie teams, but the fastest time to kill teams use neither from my experience. So perhaps this too yields reduced kill times and more gold per hour generated on average when in game.

I’d wager that the more a guild has folks with full teams at max traits / max levels and full guild bonuses, the faster they too can blast through enemy defenses. In comparison to guilds with members not playing optimized troops and teams, the top team has a force multiplying effect in resources generated per hour one would think.

So if a ‘tenured’ guild could or is more efficient on a per hour played basis, due to these or other factors… such as better skill, more communication and discussion about efficient builds, whatever… then time played (addiction?) is less relevant or at least, not the only variable. The efficiency with which they can generate resources potentially becomes a significant factor the greater the delta is between two guilds ability to generate resources per hour.

If that’s true… then I could see higher requirements for a top guild make more sense, and yet, have minimal impact to actual ‘time in game’ one can devote… pure speculation of course… and does not factor in the fanatasism and full days some players can put in to push to top of PvP week after week… but it’s an interesting thought experiment.

If @Sirrian had some data of top guilds resource generation per min per player, total resources generated per week by top guilds and total time played of battles being fought across all members per top guild, you could start drawing more and more conclusions about which are greater factors… time played vs. efficiency of resource generation during play.

I suspect many top guilds have players who regularly open VIP chests which yield a significant amount of gold in addition to the rarest troops. This may make them a little more efficient as well.

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I’m in the top xbox guild and it’s awesome. Everyone plays a lot and contributes a lot. The amount of loot we get through guild tasks is ridiculous, so I can see why they are going to change it.

enjoy it while you still can !

Enjoy? We’re milking it as long as we can.

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I doubt there will be more than a day or two’s notice for the update. Wake up one day and it will all be over

btw if your guild ‘might’ nomplete all guild tasks after the guild update, try investing leveling the brown mastery now first, becouse after update the brown tasks are least rewarding, u basically would leave it as the last task to complete, and so the guardian would level the slowest then…

I agree, though it should be mentioned that the statue bonus maxes out at 100, so if you have 100 masteries, then there is no point to that.
But that +1 glory bonus per battle is so worth it.

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We’ll have no problem maxing guild statues. Mana masteries are all in the 140s, so we get the full bonus. Thanks to the pc beta testers we can plan ahead lol