What is your favourite hero weapon?

It would be nice if you could tell about how you obtained it and what team(s) are you are using it in?

Well, I only use weapons in the Arena, and my favourites are Sun&Moon and Boom-Boom, both obtainable during events. I like S&M (yay! ^^) for its AoE that also buffs everybody, and Boom Boom is just fun - its name, its design, it booming the board. Althought to be fair, I think the game has a lot of pretty cool weapons. I like the new Yasmine Chalice, which is very, VERY annoying to face in Arena; Staff of Madness is expensive but always works out pretty well; Fire&Ice and Slay Bells are really good to play with; Black Manacles can be game-breaking if it triggers; Chaos Blade is pretty cool; black and red combos tend to be pretty good overall. There are a lot of nice weapons to play with. And I really enjoy the dildo rocket too, pretty fast and big effect.


It’s better to write the full question in the post body, and just a short version of it in the title. The way you do it is hard to read and somewhat annoying.

As for answering the question:

Sun and Moon, got it the second time it was on event. Team varies, obviously, but would prefer troops that deal damage to all enemies. A nice team could include Giant Spider and Soothsayer.

Farming team:
Eternal flame, also from event. Used with the basic farming setup (Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee). Has the advantage of being easy to fill, so it gets the loop going faster.

You are totally right. I changed it for the better.

Back when the Hero was still viable I used Winters Woe with my explosion team at the time.

I like Spark Rocket 2.0.16 for Arena.

I particularly like Sun&Moon, and also War&Peace, for reasons only @Sirrian knows… mysterious laughter echoes

Mountain Crusher or most any exploding weapon really. I like explosions. :boom:

When collecting souls i use - soul blade (it is a nice combo with valk)
other wise i usually use one that compliments the arena team and usually is on of hte following: summer’s fury, staff of madness, eye of xanthenos, bear totem, or anu’s sceptre.

How do one obtain, Mountain Crusher?

I personally hated War & Peace xD

As to the question, I really like S&M and W&P.

By getting earth mastery to 30. Assuming you upgrade all colors equally, you should get it around level 180.

BTW, the weapon list on this site details the way each weapon is obtained.

Thanks, do you advise me to focus on making my masteries equal?

That’s what I do personally, but it’s really a matter of play style and personal preference, and may not even matter that much in the end.

I’d add it’s not only cheap, but also really effective. That one gem you place exactly where you like is very often crucial - guaranteed extra turn with only 3 reds already on the board? Hmmm, yes please :slight_smile: . Not often of course, but happens. And you can almost always guarantee a 3-match with good chances for extra turn.

Oh, but don’t try to give it to a defensive team. It’s… uhmmm… a bit less effective there?.. :wink:

It’s funny, there are so many that are fun but not as effective as they used to be, so I find myself keep going back to sun and moon.

I love weapons. =) A pet project I hope I’ll have the time and energy to do one of these days would be a Weapon tierlist, actually. Hopefully I’ll get around to it when I get some time off.

Weapons are definitely an Arena thing (until 1.09 comes around), and it’s great, because weapons are also the crown jewels of the Arena. There are many great ones, countless good to pretty decent ones, and a a fair share of useless ones too, it’s a vast mixed bag (124 of them, all in all! - can’t wait for the interface update to browse through them efficiently in the Arena).

My favorites, off the top of my head: Sun & Moon, Staff of Madness, Kris Knife, Slay Bells, Chalice, Vibrator, Runic Blade,… And many more, depending on the mood and my line-up, of course.

As for context for using them, well, line-ups vary immensely in the Arena (where weapons shine), and the first and main reason I ever pick a certain weapon is to round up my color selection. But then, depending on the color(s) I need, I go for the best one and/or the one that fits my line-up the best, ideally. This obviously varies depending on the color(s). For instance, there’s not a lot of great options for Blue alone, and there’s only one truly viable option for Yellow/Red, so you don’t get to be too picky if you want to be efficient with those. Solo Brown is the exact opposite: there are so many freaking awesome brown weapons, it’s hard to choose! ^^

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wink wink??! ^^

Ah you mean the Mountain Crusher, the legendary hammer that destroys rocks by causing magical vibrations and resonance through the earth… I see…