Sun and Moon Teams?

I made my first in game purchase the otherday of the Sun and Moon pack, and wow… love this weapon, it is full of win! messing around i quickly came up with this really fast to pull off over 120 damage to everything combo!
Unicorn Banner!
Mad Prophet
Sun and Moon (Sorceror fully traited)
Giant Spider (atleast with magic link)

with the banner and two magic link Tassarion powers up very quick (2-3 match 3 sometimes one match 5) choosing purple and powering both Mad Prophet and Sun and Moon, then first round of Sun and Moon followed by Mad Prophet and another purple or yellow match and Sun and Moon is ready for round 2! then along came the spider hopefully making an extra turn match for round 3! very fast reliable team i ran thru my pvp tiers last night losing only 6 matches in total, not bad.

Hello mate, I don’t have sun and moon so can’t really advise. However, can I suggest that you go into your settings menu and tick “Show spell/mana details”? This will tell you how much mana you need to charge a troop, and when your troop is full it shows what their magic is. Makes a big difference to playing the game :slight_smile:

yes i know i prefer to have it turned off cuz i dont like the way it looks, i use it when i need to know something or want to check on things lol but i think the numbers look funny idk

One of the nice things about Sun and Moon is that it is a strong offensive Yellow weapon. This allows it to work nicely with the Priest class too.

With the Priest bringing Air Link, it brings Mercy into play, and probably Elven Bard.

Someone had a
Priest Sun/Moon

That was really fun to play.

I had always wanted to try S&M with my divine loop team but alas that was like 700 levels ago. LOL

I’ve been thinking about buying Sun & Moon to increase my VIP level. Thanks for the review!

Are there any other must-have (paid) weapons worth getting when they show up?

How about Spider’s Kiss, or Staff of Madness (which I recently missed, I know).

Crescendo. True damage AOE.

Sun&Moon is an excellent weapon.


Sun&Moon (sorcerer hero)

Worked well for me for ages as a go to team. Sadly like all AoE teams it will struggle against EK or Maw. Gorgotha on the front does give it a chance against BD, mind.

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updated a bit faster now
Unicorn Banner:
Mad Prophet
Sun and Moon

S & M redux
Unicorn banner
Sun and moon sorc 3 traits
Avina 1 trait at the moment
Giant spider 3 traits
Dokkalfar 3 traits