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Let's Talk HERO Only!

Ok, we have a lot of talk about the Troops but, none about the Hero so, let’s get some Hero discussion going. So, what’re y’all favorite and best weapons? What are the top tiers and low tiers?

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Hero post from yesterday.

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I would love to use Lion and Tiger, but as far as I know that weapon is still buggy. :frowning:

Very few hero classes or weapons are currently viable really. The whole lot need reworking and buffing in my view.

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Yep. There only good for messing around for kicks/fun. But you can’t really even do that with the 50 Gem per change wall. In addition the Hero class (or a specific sub class) tends to be perpetually bugged in one way or another.

I really havent used hero all that much mainly in arena in which i use runic blade. Ive tried a few others but wasnt impressed…

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There’s a couple of hero classes that are killer, literally, in PVP.

Runic Blade being available, as it works now, in Arena is broken.

Yes, the only real uses of heroes (that I see) are:

  • Archer or Assassin insta-kills in skull spam teams
  • Mechanist class to give mana to Bombots
  • Warden class to count as Beast with a Forest Guardian build
  • occasional Sorcerer with AoE weapon or a true damage build

…and the only one that is consistent and viable (i.e. not simply outclassed by troops in similar or better builds) is the Mechanist Bombot trick for farming challenges.

Shame, as the hero should ‘represent’ the player, and show the individuality / identity in game more: that’d also probably sell more cosmetic stuff.


im still waiting for a hero class that would have necromancy :cry:

the quest lines made me ultimatelly mad on the hero and thus distanced myself from him/her, like this it cannot ever trully be a “representation” of the player

but i agree lore can be ingored and the other aspects could still be used for personalisation, let me say it more clear:

i believe giving to one hero class a necromancy trait would increase hero popularity by half, as then ppl would/could use hero in any deck they wished and still get some benefit more or less, then all the board controll weapons hero has could become actually used or at least looked at.

What’s CRAZY is they already have a Hero called “Necromancer” then gave it custom 3rd Trait “Ensoul” Gain 1 extra Soul on 4-5matches?

How about replacing the Second trait with “Necromancy”!!!


The combination of Assassin and Archer produced my longest win streak ever, even though I was facing Wraith / Courage / Bone Dragon / Courage nearly every match and using various skull generators (mostly BD and KoS but also IK and Sheggra).

While their third traits aren’t consistent in and of themselves, the overall efficacy of Archer/Assassin skull spam teams definitely IS consistent and plenty viable, even in high-end PVP.


Nice, but tbf those same skull spam teams (especially with BrokenDragon) would probably be winning anyway.

That efficacy is also boosted currently by the bug with multiple skull matches rolling the kill chance multiple times.

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I definitely think the hero need some kind of buff. In the early game, the hero felt like the most important piece to the team by mid to late game the hero doesn’t seem to match up with the power of legendary in mythic troop combos.

This may not be enough, but if memory serves the parks unlock with victories while using that class. At 250 victories you earn your class weapon of course. As it currently stands each classmate only select one of those perks at any given time. What if by continuing to win victories as that class which feels like XP, you unlock the ability to select multiple parks? Say 500 victories you get to parks and at 1000 victories it unlocks all three parts for that class?



The Hero needs to be able to level up to Mythic, just like the Troops. The Hero is still very good depending on the weapon you choose.

I personally use Summer’s Fury and doing 14 dmg to all enemies currently. I really like it and glad I have it :smiley:


Looked that up out of curiosity, sorting on red, I forgot how INSANELY under costed the starting weapon is.

Crude Club (4 Red) "Deal 20 damage to the first enemy"
Axe of Chaos (12 Red) “Deal 23 damage to the first enemy”

CC compared to Axe of Chaos: TRIPLE the Mana cost for about +10% more damage!

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Summer’s Fury is indeed a great weapon to use, especially when ure using a red gem creator/converter so u can keep spam Heros attack. :slight_smile:

Jarl Firemantle
Hell Cat
Summer’s Fury

EDITED: Sadly there is no Redish Hero class that has perks that adds 2 magic. So it doesnt matter much who u use out of the Warlord or Assassins Class. Hero should not be in first spot or 2nd, since you cannot risk to lose him early game in this deck.

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@Linkpast95 However, if you ever got the weapon, Staff of Madness(purple/red), you can use the Sorcerer class and get full bonus(+ the two extra magic from perks). That is probably the strongest weapon to use in this team, especially because if you have the class fully traited the hero might get an extra magic each turn. But I fancy Summer’s Fury too, it create 6 red gems, can backfire, but if u use it clever and when the board has many reds u will survive.

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  1. Black Manacles(20 damage to all, 20% chance devour random enemy)
  2. Creeping Death(21 damage to all, deathmark strongest AND weakest enemies)
  3. Crescendo(11 true damage to all, gain 2 Magic every cast, gain extra turn if an enemy dies)
  4. Morthani’s Scythe(24 damage to all, create 7 skulls if enemy dies)
  5. Null Sphere(Reduce an enemy’s Magic to ZERO)
  6. Mang(Destroy an enemy’s armor, Deal 21 damage, increase attack by the amount of enemy’s armor destroyed.
  7. Warlord’s Battlecry(Deal 22 damage to an enemy boosted by enemy’s attack)

These are extremely great Hero weapons. And those magic bonuses are from having your Hero at level 20 on a Class.

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Hero does at 500th level

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