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What is your answer to kraken troll mab meta?

So, what teams do you guys have that are successful against the troll/kraken/mab meta? I have a few different teams that can beat them, but every match is still just a coin flip. The only thing I can think of is if the devs fix this broken mess that is trolls.

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Emperor Korvash
Dawnbringer (played as a priest).

Usually suppresses the troll and thus the krakens.

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Fight fire with fire. Either use the same team or triple kraken and forest troll.
Or gorgotha, infernus, war and mercy. That’s fun and fast almost all the time.

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against all annoying teams lilke troll/krake/krake/mab or wisps or psion/ragna/famine/death


Choose the one team that isn’t Troll/Kraken/Mab. :sunglasses:

I just play much less than before and when I play I try to avoid the meta as much as I can.



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Any approach works really, but there just is no actual counter to a troop costing 11 mana and by pure chance triggering a chain of events that results in multiple extraturns, most of your team frozen and two of your troops being almost dead. Stuff just has to go well…


Silent One

Put the Jason mask on them and it’s pretty well over from there.

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Bring a back Impervious (or fortitude/indigestible), kill the troll and/or remove all greens, take blues for your own troops when you can and try not to load the board with blue otherwise. Or just loop them to death before they loop you to death. I try to work Apothecary in there somewhere nowadays, given that she charges off both colors this team needs to loop, both this and the wisp team can’t do a lot with a brown heavy board with one of their colors missing, and Apothecary cleanses while giving you back control which is the only viable way to cleanse vs Mab + spammers.


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I use that team against every 3 star meta and works pretty good.

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The answer: women with beards.

Forest Troll

Apothecary is very helpful in several ways.

  1. Immunity to devour and stun in the fourth slot.
  2. Their spell cleanses all allies before resolving any created gem matches, allowing a completely frozen team to fully recover.
  3. Their spell converts all gems of a chosen color to brown. Converting red or yellow can give an extra turn, refill Forest Troll’s mana, and set up a board ripe with green and blue gems for the Forest Troll and Krakens to utilize.
  4. They collect blue mana overflow from Forest Troll and green mana overflow from the Krakens. The team has no yellow or red troops, which slightly reduces the impact of freeze on your team.

I’ve done quite well against Kraken Troll teams without Queen Mab, and even had a decent winrate against Kraken/Troll/Mab and Korvash/Justice/Mab teams.

edit: IMO trolls aren’t the problem, Queen Mab and devour are the problems.

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A suggestion from this forum, I forget from whom :cold_sweat: but it saved my sanity:
Gorgotha-Dragon Soul-Krystenax-Mab

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My ‘old school’ Kraken team (spider, kraken, kraken, spider) wins about 75% vs the bad meta. I think any good Kraken team will do about the same since you have the advantage of going first.

But if you’re just sick of Krakens:

• Borealis is a great troop vs the loopers, provided you can fill her mana one shot and they’re all frozen, no looping for awhile! Or you can field your own Mab and freeze their team first.

• If you don’t like to freeze them, try troops that stun-- Stonehammer, Manticore, Wandering Monk, etc

• Mana-drainers can be helpful as well-- Manticore from above; Spirit Fox is rather limited but comes fully-charged, will put off the loop attack for a turn or two allowing you to fill other troops. A fully-traited Psion up front (steals the Troll mana on a skull hit) is as effective here as it is elsewhere. Emperor Korvash drains AND stuns first two opponents.

• Beyond that, just make your team as fast as possible. Mana-fillers like Gorgotha or Ragnagord or (hehe) various Trolls are essential when building an anti-Troll/Kraken team.

• Also, putting an undevourable troop in spot 4 will slow down a kraken attack. I like Euryali for this job, but plenty of non-mythic troops can do the same for you.

Short answer: there are a dozen ways to beat this team.
I don’t find Troll-Kraken-Mab scary at all anymore, just really boring!

PS-- Play strategy is also important. Focus your fire on the troll! Krakens aren’t so great if they don’t have a feeder.

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Lots of great suggestions everyone. Thanks.

You cannot freeze Mab.

Thanks for the reminder, I’ve edited the post for accuracy.

You can still use Mab to freeze the opposing team first, I just got a little glib with my wording. :grimacing:

You can mana burn her :slight_smile:
And since she’s always last, a Kraken can chomp her.

True, and Mab is a really annoying opponent but I generally ignore her anyway and focus on the troll for reasons explained in my OP.

If you short-circuit the loop Mab is less of a factor because opponent isn’t getting 4-and-5 matches right and left.

RNGesus bestows enough of those for my taste. Focusing on the troll is a wise choice, anyway.