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Meta Psion, Ragna, Famine, Death - What is the best counter?

Okay, now that the forrest troll-kraken-kraken-mab -Meta is over&out, I’m facing a lot more Psion, Ragna, Famine -Teams.

What is the most reliable team against it?
I’m winning most of my games against them, but it’s annoying nevertheless…


I skull Psion and use an infernus based team, another good tactic is to entangle psion, then spam with AOE damage


Dust Devil, War Goat, or other troop that can displace the front enemy troop.


Desdemona + Skull Spam




Funny, although Psion def is making a comeback I still see more troll/Kraken def yet. At least from my vantage point troll is far from dead & gone.


Classic Maw+Infernal King+Alchemist or Sheggra+Mercy. Once Maw devours (Famine i recomend) he can’t lose/give mana to Psion attacks, Ragnagord can’t do anything about it and Death traits and Spell is not enough to pose a threat if you recharge Mercy in time.


Knopeshi a poor man’s counter. Yank Death to the front, now how the heck is that team going to ever get enough Mana?


This was going to be my suggestion. If you find that Psion is still giving you trouble, you can replace Mercy with Dust Devil and knock Psion to the back. Although, board permitting (meaning no skulls) I would wait until your Alch is full before Casting DD. :wink:

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What horsey boyo said. There’s pride guard, who stuns on skulls too, or rock troll. Might be a good shout. There’s plenty of cheap decks but most people would rather use more popular and rarer troops and struggle. I know that’s what I do occasionally!

I’ve been using Desdaemona, BoneDragon, Abynissia, DarkMonolith darkstone banner

I think which ever meta team you face largely is related to your rank and level. It used to be all Kraken trolls for me but since i passed 1,150 it has now changed to the Psion, (or Gorgotha), Ragnarod, Famine teams (with any number of troops in 4th from Queen Mab, Spirit fox or other base mythics). I’m usually to lazy to change my main PvP invade team to intelligently counter teams so I just use my regular team with this strategy. Skull Psion to death, charge AOE Damage dealers and loop remaining till dead (it still works 75 to 85% of the time the other 15% I’ll quit out of as soon as it head south due to bad board which results in a quick Famine fill and cast)


Loops or mana drain. Otherwise, the only time I can get through a team like that is with a skull spam team that has a (very) lucky starting board.