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<3 that Queen Mab

Anyone sick of seeing double Kraken, Queen Mab, troll combo?

Any suggestions to counter this meta group?

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Mercy’s a good bet. She converts to a color they don’t use, and can cleanse Frozen if Mab tags anyone. I’ve used the tried-and-true Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard to great effect against this team.

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Anointed One/Hellcat/Sekhma/Mercy counters most of what the team can do. You have to beat them to the punch and not let Kraken cast, but the team has the tools to do with Anointed One being fast, and Mercy being Empowered, and you strictly convert out every single color they use. Don’t “waste” Mercy unless you can get something started, because you might want it to cleanse if you get hit by a skull or frozen.

I thought this was going to be a Mab appreciation thread. :frowning:


I love mab against this team :slight_smile:

Just use the same team…
Mab is great against. …well anything that can get an extra turn…well mab is pretty much great against anything…I love Mab

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I know, shameless clickbaiting should be worth a ban tbh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use Mercy+Euryali to counter trollish krakens

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Queen Mab is anti-fun. She freezes entire teams far too easily, and her spell is a 20-30 damage AoE with a possible extra turn attached. Korvash/Justice is challenging, Forest Troll/Kraken is challenging, and both are still beatable. Either team with Mab is unfair. Her third trait should be either a 50% chance to freeze an enemy on each 4-5 match, or aimed at one specific enemy team slot like Sylvanimora’s entangle.


I’ve been using a skull spam team:

Great Maw ***
KoS ***
Apothecary **
Sheggra ***

I know mine are traited up, but this should work well even if not traited (just a little slower I suppose). Apothecary manas up GM in two turns typically, then take out their strongest card (just double check they are not immune to devour!) and it’s pretty much brute force smooth sailing after that. Another sweet thing with this team is after GM casts, KoS gets all the brown mana from Apothecary. Opponent doesn’t get too many turns with all your 4 matches.

Edit: Apoth also cleanses everyone…F U Mab and your stupid freeze! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m going for the trait ‘destroy Queen Mab on 4 or 5 matches’ :rofl:

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Could name the troop “Umabbro…”

races to the Design-a-Troop workshop


Triple traiting apothecary and putting her in the last spot will protect against Kraken devour as well.

Well that’s happening today. Thanks!

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