What is wrong with skull drop rate?

Look at this delve. Titan class with mountain crusher and dust storm. So many skull drops. I have to believe this is intentional.

Hi @gow,

I think its the faction your in “Infernal machine” spams (doom-) skull’s.

They didn’t even cast yet

Okay thats weird, is this your boss room or start?
By start room real strange and cant explain why there are so much skull’s if its the Boss room maybe a other room had create a skull spam but then I should think on a doomstorm, but you got a duststorm active was by start maybe a doomstorm?

It was the boss room

Then I can only think that a room before made you got a skull spam but tbh I dont know which room that should be, pretty weird :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Did you defeat the Boss!

Yeah I did

Awesome, great played! Tesla is great troop in higher/stronger battle’s :star_struck:

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I can confirm it seems unusually high in my game, no doomskulls just a normal skull pretty much every time new gems fall


On what platform do you both play, coz I have today played a lot of battles Delve, PVP, WE, DB, explore and F/A but I had on my PS4 not more (doom) skull’s then every other day/battles.

I am on mobile android

Im on PS4 and no problem with skull drop rate, so then it seems to me that it maybe is an issue/problem on the platform you use.
That make it not better for you, but more concrete where the issue/problem is.
I hope that it quickly will be back to normal!

Well it’s pretty much like that, in gems of war you get hit by skulls almost each AI turn, it’s been like that since I play the game, I’m level 1256

Im on mobile as well. Amazon kindle fire tablet

I can agree that you probably just got a snag of unlucky skull drop RNG.

People always notice when skulls line up for the cpu’s turn, but tend to forget the times when random skull drops actually work in the player’s favor. Heck, I know I’ve occasionally swept all 4 enemy troops at once just through skull drop RNG…


Definetly agree. In the Underworld the skull drop is insane. Its hard enough to get trough but this is ridiculous. So many skulls are droping as within a skull storm. This need a revision on high Level.

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An addition to this point is when you cast a skull spam troop on a board already awash with skulls (zuul, wild king etc) and the skull placement goes awry at regular frequency. Using skull generators in PF 500 is a no go for me because backfires are common and deadly.

Especially if your lead Troop is frozen, where the loss of the extra turn is basically guaranteed to make it backfire. I generally prefer “convert Gems to [type]” over “Create [type of gems]” because it’s SO MUCH more controllable.