Has the chance for skulls to drop increased?

It feels like twice as many skulls as usual are on the board; like there is a constant bonestorm in the background. Has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone offer supporting or countermanding evidence based on their automated GoW bots? (@Kafka does your friend track % of each gem that falls over the long run? @EliteMasterEric are you still around? You did a lot of the original work that I’m aware of on gem chances to drop…)

I’m not usually one to post anecdotal/confirmation bias type questions, but a number of other folks have noticed the same thing in various community discords, which leads me to ask whether there was an un-announced change or maybe mistake made when lycanthropy and uberdoom skulls were added back…

I haven’t been very active in the game as of late, so I’m sorry I never noticed your post.

Regarding this, I doubt they would have explicitly updated the drop rate of skulls, and what you’re seeing is likely to be observation bias.

As for whether things have ACTUALLY changed, I couldn’t tell you, since a few updates back they made it a LOT harder to inspect how the game determines these things.

This post was made during a “holiday skulls” period I believe, where there has been observed in the past a phenomenon where many people at least get the feeling that skull drops have significantly increased. This has thus far been written off as an observational bias due to the themed skulls having a much higher contrast from the rest of the board. There has been to my knowledge no data gathering effort to prove otherwise.