Skull Drop Frequency

I have multiple members of my guild complaining about skull drop frequency in battles, and my own evaluation suggests this has increased dramatically.
Several members are getting fed up with the game and are ready to quit, which is not great for the game community nor for my guild.
Could the devs investigate rebalancing this skull drop pattern?


We experienced it as well, like a constant bonestorm would be on the roll.
Also similar issue is the flood of unneeded color gems on the board. This was very prominent in journey. I went with an umberwolf team, so constant darkstorm was up yet the board had been flooded with green.


Yes this is very noticeable. I run ocea’s tome a lot for high explore but the blue storm it creates is often outnumbered by skulls.


I have been having this same issue. I noticed it a month or so ago, but lately it has seriously been impacting my enjoyment of the game. I just now finished a level 12 explore by continuously proc’ing my Leprechaun. With no storm active, the continuous stream of skulls completely killed the other team.

USUALLY, this works against me, not for me.

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I haven’t noticed any difference in other modes, but in PvP my perception of skull rate is very much skewed by the high prevalence of the annoying Great Wyrm meta; if you play PvP a lot you certainly do see a lot of skulls at the moment.

(And Sin of Maraj campaign teams this week are probably going to skew that even further; gonna be seeing lots of Wrath teams I’ll bet.)

I do not play pvp at all, but it can be observed in other game modes.

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This has been observed by myself and members of my guild in World Events, Guild Wars, PVP, Delves… basically every game mode has an increase skull drop frequency to the point where we are primarily managing skulls rather than playing a skilled game.

I for one am very fed up with the excessive skull drop. Even Gorgotha at hoard level 100 plus 25% stats boost can be killed by skull drops in a delve constantly in one round which is ridiculous. Very certain it is not stunned.

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LOL This has been going on like forever in the A.I.'s favor.

+1. D’t need scull, but have it full pocket…Always. )

instead of many letters…

3 enemy corpses in a row with skulls…

On a yellow-purple storm…

Is that the norm? Is it supposed to be?

Ich habe es ständig bei delves in pure faction egal wo ich werde ständig von dem gegnerischen team von schädeln getötet! Plattform switch

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Not played faction for quite some time. Can’t remember CPU getting more lucky skulls ever.

City of thieves faction full run was a clear example of skullbuggery lol. In most cases the legendary fights needed to reach the boss fight included at least 1 skull team to take this to a new level. I never got near completion until a cedric team was on the table prior to the penultimate fight. Then it went swimmingly. Very easy to 500 non pure but the pure run at horde 100 without succesful cedric completion is close to impossible.