Skull Cascades (there's still a minimum character # for titles and it doesn't make sense. 🤷)

Outside of Doom Storms of Skullstorms. Would it break anyone’s hearts to have the RNG adjusted to make it not possible for a Cascade of 4-5 skulls in a row to drop?
I know it should help the player as much as it helps the AI.
But regardless of who it favors. It always looks broken to me outside of storms where it should happen.


If you’re referring specifically to entirely new gems (as in, a group of 4+ new skulls in a row) then I agree. I do think it should be possible for a skydrop or set of skydrop gems to create a 4+ match with existing gems, however, including those that may have dropped from a prior cascade this turn.


I saw an entire T or L shape (4-5 - all skulls) that came dropping hard on me, even in Arena, sometimes the exploding skull as well!
Of course, it gets worse in Guild Wars when I had terrible luck and every move that I have made, did not bring any opportunities for me, but only for the AI. I think that AI somehow knows the drops from above, especially with those 4 or 5-match cascades that are sometimes never-ending.

I think that the drops of regular skulls needs to be decreased by 5-7 or 10%.
I got a feeling that it’s been buffed not so long ago.

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Turn off holidays skulls everybody. These threads always pop up during these events. Coincidence? I think not.