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Skull cascades

Outside of bone or doom skull storms. Please program your RNG to be smarter than to allow more than 2 skulls or Doomskulls to fall in a row.
Most of the game can withstand the flaw in programming. The arena isn’t so lucky and it makes a bad portion of game even worse. Please give an adjustment considerable thought. After 4 years of playing I know more about the game than 85% of your staff. And I mean that with 100% seriousness. :grinning:
“Dad” knows @Sirrian


Are you saying that skulls/doomskulls fall more often in Arena than in other game modes?

Ahh, you’re not. I gave it a little more thought. Do you mean that in Arena, the game shouldn’t allow RNG to drop skulls/doomskulls so much as in other game modes?

We still have the underlying skull bug that seems beyond any willingness to resolve. And it can certainly cause extreme havoc in low stat game modes such as arena. Withstanding just 1 doomskull explosive hit can be highly unlikely. But hey, fixing stuff is irrelevant as we know all too well

They wouldn’t be able to design it just for the arena. It would effect the whole game. It’s just more of an issue in the arena than the rest of the game because you can’t compensate with skull reduction or barrier as much.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. They could probably even use partly the storm mechanic for this, but a reversed version ofc. Everything is possible.

On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s really necessary. Frankly, those doomskulls also allow us to fly through the battles sometimes on the other hand and I appreciate those times. It sometimes backfires too ofc.

One advantage we surely have over the AI on the doomskulls is destroying them with row/column destroy casts. For arena, it does quite a lot of extra damage. It’s even the main reason why i always choose for row/column destroyers in Arena. As far as i know, the AI ignores them for that purpose.


Wouldn’t you rather embrace a fair fight where skull mechanics are nailed on? True you may win many fights quicker than you are duly entitled to but the reverse can be far less palatable if you are a competitive wars player. Skill was once a factor but those days are long long gone

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