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Random Doomskull matches in Arena are NOT FUN

When an enemy makes a gem match and 3 skulls in a row drop, two of them doomskulls no less, instantly destroying my front troop, that is not good gameplay. The skull cascades in Arena are crazy overpowered, more than an Epic troop.

Does Arena really need this many skulls and doomskulls (FOUR of them) in a battle where troops are level 15 and have no traits? This isn’t even a bone/doomstorm… good god.

Here’s the kind of skull !@#@$ I’m talking about:

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It definitely feels like skull drops have been turned up a bit for Arena, which would probably be to make it feel more exciting since it’s a bit of a slower mode, on the whole?

I don’t mind the occasional extra explosion from a Doomskull in Arena, but I do agree that it’s been annoying sometimes.