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Reduction to DoomSkulls Thank you Dev's

So over the last week I have noticed a considerable reduction to the Doom Skull drop rate, compared to the first two weeks of “Doom”. Not sure if the devs officially mention it in the DEV Q&A cause i missed it, but Doomskulls now feel like they are in a good place, and i feel like doomskulls are more of a nice treat to see now more than utter frustration.

So i know the community gets on the dev’s a lot for breaking stuff, but today i want to say thanks for fixing that issue.

Note: Glaycion and Bloodhammer are still OP tho, but suck on def so im kool with that :sunglasses:

@saltypatra has any code change been made to Doomskull drop rate or the effect of Doomstorm?

There has been no code change over the weekend that would affect the Doomskull drop rate or Doomstorm.

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None are needed either since they suck on Def. :sunglasses:


I think:

  • normal drop rate of Doomskulls is fine
  • Doomstorm needs tuning down - any large transform or explode all with a Doomstorm in place routinely creates too many repeating cascades of explode, fall, explode, fall… it needs tuning down a little and playing for a while to see how it feels…
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I think we should just remove traits and abilities from the game. Skull damage is the only fair and balanced mechanic. Ever since abilities and traits were added the game is just too flashy.

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What do you mean since abilities were added? You mean spells? Those were always part of the game since its first release…

I THINK he’s being sarcastic. :grin:

means traits cards have always had abilities but not traits…maybe means wants some of the newer spells gone too?xD

I KNOW he’s being sarcastic. But he’s also not making much sense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s hard for me to articulate the exact argument I want to make but overall I strongly disagree Doomskulls/exploders need a nerf. I feel like they speed up the game, and I feel like the game is more fun with them. I like how I have to engineer the turn that leads me to a win.

If we do something to make exploders and Doomskulls weaker, we’re going to revert to a strictly worse meta than the one we had before they arrived: Divines will be even stronger because an exploder nerf is not just going to hurt Doomskulls. The Psion/Famine team really needs Ragnagord to be powerful, and it’s one of the best AI counters to Doomskulls and Divines I face. On offense, I’ll just switch back to Divines, which had the same win rate with slightly more brain-dead play and no explosions necessary.

In short: I think the game was more stale before and will be worse if we hurt exploders, because it’ll make the teams that were too dominant before Doomskulls even more dominant. We finally get a reason to stop playing Nyxbringer or Divines and all players can ask for is a way to go back to Nyxbringer and Divines.

We’ve got a cat that one shots two troops and people are thanking devs for something they didn’t even do? I’m confused.

I think they should remove gems from the game. I feel like matching them gives too much of an advantage. They could call the game Shops of War, with features that allow users to spend real cash for turns to play battles… wait…