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The OP ridiculousness of Glaycion/Bloodhammer combo

I’ve seen some people already mention that these 2 legendaries are OP…
I agree and am fairly sure they will both receive a visit from the nerf goblin.

For me, the main issue is that the Doomskulls also act as exploders. This added effect makes the troops extremely OP.

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Glacy seems especially op.

I’ve mixed views… the troops themselves seem overly strong, and doomskulls spreading so fast is clearly a bit broken… I’ve known one spell cast lead to an exploding rain of attacks and wipe 3-4 troops, all too often, and chaining the casts too easily means kill-kill-kill…

That said, the standard team with them isn’t always mega-fast (you can wait ages for the board to line up just right so that casting KBH or Glayc doesn’t just lead to you getting slammed instead). It’s also pretty easy to beat on the AI side.

However I just feel that either these troops need tuning down or the doomstorm mechanic tuning down, else it’ll just need one or two future troops to suddenly create a truly broken combo.

As I think @gouki was arguing elsewhere, I’m not convinced doomstorms are operating as intended yet either…


Pretty much this sums it all up…


100% agree. Playing my fast fill Skullomania team ends 90% matches in 1/2 the time it takes to get to the battle, with most times the AI getting a single turn before the bloodbath. It is obscene.

The Doomstorm and baseline skyfall % of the DSkulls is what is out-of-whack IMO.

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King Bloodhammer needs to be reverted to his pre-launch 3rd trait of “Summon a Doomstorm on 4 or 5 gem matches” to ensure that the Doomstorm isn’t summoned at the convenience of the player as it is in its current state, IMO. At the very least it’d give those fighting it a chance at outplaying the combo.

Well, i lost 2x to a 4x Firebomb - Team recently :smiley:
Because when the explode, they’re immediately trigger KBH’s Dstorm Trait…
And when the Cascades are in the AI’s favour… you’re pretty much dead in an instand xDDD
And i just thought my “Wins” from the DEF-Firebombs-Team coming from Casual-PvP x’D
The more you know :smiley:

  • They’re a lot of fun on offense, so that’s good.
  • They’re bad on defense, so no problem there.
  • They’re consistent, but slower than other options, so that’s fine as a tradeoff.

I see no need to nerf them. Sure, they almost always win almost every fight…but after a certain point, almost any good team wins almost every fight. The original problem with Fizzbang as-released was that she was nuts on defense, and that’s what she was nerfed for - not a problem in this case.


well if they get nerfed i dont wanr traitstones and souls back…
i want my 500 f-ing event keys back :triumph::imp::rage:


I agree and the actual ca$h that was spent to get the troop

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I don’t think they’re any more powerful than:

  • Infernus / Ishbaala
  • Mab/anything
  • Gorgotha/TDS/Worldbreaker
  • Multiple Yao Guai teams
  • Goblins

The difference is Doomskulls are very dramatic and flashy and fast. On offense, if it’s all you play, you can start to wonder how the hell someone’s supposed to beat it.

But when I find it on defense I giggle. I beat the snot out of plenty of Doomskull teams in GW this week. The CPU just isn’t very good at this. It’s much better at using the Mab teams, and it’s no pushover with Divines.

I can do faster and just as consistent with other teams, but I find it a fun new way to play that’s slightly more consistent on offense. I worried a lot about defense, but it seems pretty tame and straightforward there.

There are worse problems in the game.


It’s the Doomstorm that causes all the trouble. The combination of

a) increase the Skull drop rate (higher chance of extra turns and damage)

b) Make those Skulls do extra damage (compounded by having multiple Doomskulls drop at once), and

c) make the skulls explode, charging the troops and clearing out a bunch of the board - which allows even more Doomskulls to drop, which further charges the troops, does more damage, and clears out more of the board for more Doomskulls and the cycle to repeat again.

It’s a hilariously, game-breakingly overpowered ability. I’ve been tossing Bloodhammer at the back of my PVP teams that have an exploder or a double-transformer (Ishbaala, Sekhma etc), and as soon as an enemy dies and the Doomstorm triggers, it’s game over. One explode or multiple match gives enough drop area to cause a Doomskull chain reaction until the enemy team is dead.

Or if by some miracle the Doomskulls fall without a match, at least half of my team dies on the very next turn. Usually my entire team, and game over.

It takes all the strategy, fun and enjoyment out of this game, and replaces it with a random coin flip. All those carefully-crafted teams just don’t matter anymore. And the worst part is that I feel it necessary to play this way, because there’s simply no other strategy nearly as fast and lethal.

This needs to get fixed ASAP because it’s going to cause many, many long time players to quit. You can’t just throw away years of incremental strategy refinement overnight and replace it with “hurr, let’s explode everything over and over” and expect us to stick around.

It’s total garbage and is the opposite of everything Gems of War has tried to be since its creation. As an end-endgame player I’m giving it until next week for an emergency patch or I’m done. Years of progress improvement and treating the players right, in one of the best mobile games out there, and they ruin it with one troop. It’s heartbreaking. None of the other patched bad troops - not Bone Dragon, not Fizzbang, etc - broke the game this badly.

Sorry for the rant. Overnight this game became something other than Gems of War, and it’s simply not enjoyable anymore.


I think doomskulls is a good idea but is it necessary to see it in every mode?

While i enjoy them in pet rescue and pvp i really don’t like them in raid/invasion and GW

These new troops are amazing offensive weapons but terrible defensive weapons. The Ai does not play these troops right and it is easy to beat them. This is one of the first set of troops that actually benefit the player not the Ai so leave them alone!


Agreed 100%.

I’ve been fiddling with a Glaycion team and I win the same % as I was winning with a Divine team. Should Divines be nerfed too, because according to my W/L ratio they’re just as “overpowered”.

In the hands of a high-level player who has everything traited/leveled, there are a lot of solid PVP teams that can give a great W/L ratio with decently quick battles. It doesn’t mean they need to be nerfed.