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Another mechanic I discovered

You know sometimes even after all this time you discover a new trick?

I just noticed that, when casting a guardian spell, you can select Doomskulls.

Now, let’s brainstorm and find the ultimate combos.

It’s fun - just a shame that it backfires probably 60% of the time and hands your opponent a slew of really dangerous extra turns. :pensive:

Ye Olde “Justice League” with Justice + Valkyrie + Mab… and have Bloodhammer in last to generate doomstorms. You’re welcome.

I have only EVER selected Doomskulls when I cast Justice. Usually, it ends up being about 8 - 12 skulls on the board before I consider casting her on the skulls, but even if they’res just ONE Doomskull available to select, it causes considerable damage on the enemy team. :smiling_imp:

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