Unable to get any skull matches site has tried to remove this post 3 times

Exactly as it sounds. Has anyone else had this problem recently? The past 3 days the ai has been getting about 15x the number of skull matches as me. I have to try really hard to force them at this point and have been just using spell damage to try to get by.

IMO skull damage is highly overrated. All my teams are spell damage based.

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Writhing Staff

How many skull matches do you want…? :laughing:

I propose alternate explanations via Occam’s Razor:

  • If there were a widespread RNG problem it’d affect more than specifically you and there’d be at least 8 threads about it.
  • Good teams in GoW loop, which tends to lead to lots of matches.
  • You’re only about 4 months old.
  • Your teams are not as good as the teams you are facing.
  • Since the teams loop better, they get more matches.

Prove me wrong.

Oh you misunderstand. I have plenty of skull generators. Even ones that generate doomskulls. But they won’t match. Even if you force a match it will do only one and the next rows to replace will not match so the opponent can 1 shot you. Happens 94% of the time I used him. I did the math.

You have no proof of any of this and therefor I don’t have too. Ok, you are delusional. This discredits your argument in the same was you did this to me. So I win. Good luck using that tactic. It literally only makes you happy and people not want to talk to you. Want to hear the best part? I’ve seen you explaining to others why skull matches are biased. So which side are you on? Oh, the one that helps you continue fanboying. I’ve seen you before and I’ll tell you right now your method of arguing through being vague isn’t going to work. Those assumptions about psychological effects will have to be proved. If they never are I could just do that to anyone who disagrees. It’s like calling a fallacy without showing how it is one.

I can play in literally no other possible way. The game will not allow me to play with skulls every

Sorry but I am a bit unclear here. Are you saying you are casting your skull generators or doomskull generators without having an extra turn match? If so that spells disaster, especially in the higher levels where the AI can kill troops with 1 or 2 skull matches. I don’t cast any skull generators without having at least 1 extra turn available.

No I’m saying it won’t give me one or when I do it drops to give me nothing else so I end up giving the opponent a full board of doomskulls. Which if you think about it iwhat are the chances? They explode! How are Hey not chaining? Well… always slightly off.

Sorry i’m not insulting you but… you know a 4 or 5 match in this game gives you an extra turn?

When you convert to a 4 or 5 match, you wouldn’t be worried about the skulls backfiring since you’ll be using the ones littered on the board to your advantage.

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Also a troop that explodes gems can be really beneficial after you leave a board with a lot of doomskulls on it. Explode the gems, it also catches doomskulls and they explode too. Then there are no more doomskulls on the board when you hand it to the AI. But of course there is always a risk of it backfiring.

Yes, that’s my point. So the board is set up for me to get one… I get it… then the cascade and setup right after that gives me none and the board still has skulls to match. Why? Because whatever drops or gets cleared from that second match let’s my opponent use them. I’ll get 1 skull match and then usually a 3 match. Then my opponent goes ahead and matches one going into a huge cascade or setting themselves up with an extra turn and another match. I hope I cleared it up there. I don’t use generators like that unless the board is full and the ai kills anything with full mana immediately so I just don’t get to use generators or skulls in this game. Except fire lizard. Fire lizard doesn’t care, he will destroy teams in 1 turn.

The point about that Wrath team is that it self-loops (repeatedly!) plus you have Mercy to cleanse any troops that have been Frozen which might block the loops.

Try it and see what it does :+1:

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I think most people are really confused by what you’re explaining that we’re having a tough time finding a way to help. Can you possibly post a screen shot of what your board looks like before you’re taking an action and then the resulting board to illustrate what the issue is you’re having?

They aren’t getting frozen but I did find out it might be a glitch for skills that make skulls on a new card I got. I’m using a dwarf team that just drills and they are doing well. I just put a wall there so I don’t need skulls. Guess what the drill likes to trigger now? That one I’m sure is just me recalling it with bias. I don’t have either of those. I was wondering if there was a way to attack when you have a wall as your first. I love the walls in this game

Someone figured it out. It’s a glitch with my card spawning doom gems. I can match a 3 next to a 4 and the 3 will blow up the 4 before even though it happens at the same time. I don’t care about a tiny thing like that