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What is this "Tacket code"?

I have a guild.

I had a player join today. He wrote this in the guild chat:

Tacket code + some numbers and letters (not gonna repeat here)

He then left the guild…

What is going on???

I believe he meant “Tacet’s code” which is a promo code you can input to get free stuff in-game using the redeem code button in the shop. It has a limited number of total uses so you have to act fast.

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In @Tacet’s video which can be found in the community content section on the forums (also available through @Tacet’s YouTube channel which I’m sure he will provide a link for you to subscribe to his channel)

In between 1 to 3 videos a week, @Tacet includes a redeem code in his video that if you enter in the shop under the redeem code tab at enter the code you will be givin some rewards which usually include:

1 gem key,
100 souls,
2 maps, and,
2,500 gold

Snipes by @Studs

The bloodfeud continues


OK. thanks all.

I was wondering is there was some shady stuff going on… not in my guild!

Tacet code : removes ones ability to pronounce words,the side effect of this code makes one sometimes laugh like a school girl :sunglasses:


More people like it than hate it. :sunglasses:

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Damn, I think I already have that to be honest!