Multiple choice quiz (gow code as reward)


You heard about the best GOW streamer Tacet?
In case you don’t: He streams everyday 8PM EST on his youtube channel:
You can also earn some ingame ressources with codes by watching him.

Now we have a special quiz going on where you can win a code (claimable here: by solving 10 multiple choice questions (and do an very easy decryption). The questions aren’t easy so you can work with others together to solve it.
Come and join his discord where you can see all the questions and discuss with others about the quiz to find the solution (and find a lot of other helpful GOW content): Tacet the Terror's Gaming Chat
Don’t forget to work with others! Help each other out!

The Quiz starts here: Discord


Question 1:
Which coop game did Tacet play on his channel so far?
A: Kebab Chefs!
I: Plate Up!
U: Palia
K: Palworld

Question 2:
How many official completely different games exist in Fortnite?
P: 1
D: 4
G: 5
K: 7

Question 3:
Which game did Tacet NEVER play on his channel so far?
L: Faeria
Z: Ember Strike
F: Hearthstone
S: Magic: The Gathering Arena

Question 4:
Which game was available as “free to keep” on steam on april first and was claimed over 6 million times?
8: Content Warning
3: Unspoken
5: The Dark Realm
9: Loot Goblins

Question 5:
Which word has no connection to Tacet?
R: Piano
E: Soundless
B: Hush
S: Scary

Question 6:
How many mythics exist in Gems of War?
S: 132
N: 137
Q: 141
Y: 145

Question 7:
Which game did Tacet play but never showed us in a stream?
H: Castle Crashers
W: Darkest Dungeon
E: Quest Hunter
F: Unepic

Question 8:
Which new game was announced as an april fools joke from the Palworld developers?
A: Pal♡world! ~The Mystery of the Pals~
N: Pal♡world! ~Love and Life~
F: Pal♡world! ~More Than Just Pals~
Q: Pal♡world! ~Dark and Paller~

Question 9:
On what day did Tacet make his last facebook post?
B: 1. April 2020
X: 4. November 2020
S: 31. December 2020
E: 22. June 2021

Question 10:
Which game is not a match 3 game?
4: Puzzle Wizards
1: Strongblade
6: Puzzle Quest 3
7: Lost Gems

Join the discord to find the hint for the decryption after solving everything

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