Tacet Stream Game Code

Like the title says.

Is the code to get some free resources.

It’s really not in good form to post his codes here on the forums. Those are meant to be used by his viewers.


It’s helpful to newer members who may not be aware of his stream. It also encourages them to go and check it out, which in turn helps him.

It seems I forgot to link to the stream so here it is for those that would like to watch as well:


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Share the stream, promote it to your hearts content. Sharing the actual code does nothing to help the stream as now people don’t have to go to the stream to get the code.


You make a good point. I didn’t look at it like that.
The reason I did is the practice of others sharing the codes in their guild and sister guilds first. Thus it never reaches people that need it most. Rather it ends up being hoarded by end game players who don’t need them. Except as a way to evade ever needing to support the game financially.

IMO I could not care less about this, but I care enough to comment on it. Its the first man to the mill princip, its nice that some readers that is not watching streams have the chance to grab some peach too.

Because what is the difference:

A player share the code here sometimes. How many will be around on these boards at the time the code is active, not many.


20 Guild leaders that is watching the stream is sharing the code on their discord channels. A potentially 600 members will have the chance to get the goodies. Where only a few of them watched the streams, still got the chance to get the code.

Conclution: codes will be used up by the speed of light no matter what.

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I just think that it makes things fairer. This way there is an equality of outcome for all. Isn’t that a good thing?

True equality in this sense would be no codes at all. Codes are inherently equality-defying (aside from the equality of opportunity, more or less, to watch streams). I agree with @TheIdleOne in that sharing the codes actually undermines the value of watching the stream. I don’t have a solution for viewers sharing codes with their guilds, aside from boycotting such practices yourself.


I’d agree that no codes would be the best solution.
It’d be better if they happened less often but had a one use per account policy. That way everyone would get a code and no-one would miss out which would remove this competition for the codes.
Or perhaps another, better solution would be that players above level 1000 cannot redeem codes on their accounts.

I don’t bother redeeming codes on my account anymore for this reason (am >1000, and they’re largely irrelevant) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Atm, as far as I understand, redeeming codes is IP-limited to 4 uses, but I could see an argument for reducing that to 1 (the counter argument would be alts, I think).

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Why shouldn’t players above level 1000 be able to redeem codes? If they are watching the streams then that is a small reward for doing so. I’d much rather a level 1000 player who is watching the stream get the code as opposed to a level 20 player who wasn’t but just happened to see someone post it on a forum.


Hi @Draculara

I’ve removed the code from the title and body text. I appreciate that you are trying to promote Tacet’s stream and share the content, however, for Gems of War official developer streams we do not encourage the sharing of game codes outside of the stream.

The codes are intended as a courtesy gift for the players who take the time and effort to join the Streams, and is therefore unfair and not conducive to the purpose of having the codes if you share them outside of the Stream. Additionally, we do not need to provide game codes (to Tacet or on our own Streams) and do this for the courtesy of the viewers.

This does come under our rules as it is the official forums. However, as this is Tacet’s Stream and not an official developer one I will pass this onto @Saltypatra and @Tacet to discuss.


But what is the difference? A player from a guild is watching tacets stream. The 29 other members from the same guild didnt watch the stream, but got the code posted on their discord channel from the one member that watched the stream, and redeemed it. So why would the 29 other in the guild that did not watch Tacet streams have more right getting the goodies from the code, than the 29 that was around on these boards at the time someone posted the code here?

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What’s to stop the same Guild managers from getting the code on the forums and sharing it?
Either scenario under mines the stream more than it supports it.

Thank you @Cyrup for providing clarification.

I agree with your sentiment @Eika, surely something must be put into place otherwise this is just removes the problem from the forums, not elsewhere and thus makes it less fair.

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thinks to myself how many people would actually watch these streams without codes existing…hehe


This should be a non-issue.
But if it somehow manifests into one and becomes a head ache then the devs may just remove codes all together.
Sorry that the world isn’t “fair”… But don’t ruin it for everyone because you don’t like the present quo.

This isn’t entirely my call as I am not the community manager here, so it’s something that we will discuss further.

We don’t encourage the sharing of codes. Whilst we are not able to directly regulate every instance of code sharing outside of the Stream, I think it is reasonable to do so on mediums where we can. If not, we are abandoning the concept that the codes for players who participate, and as a business/development team I believe we are within our rights to support this idea - and the players who do participate - to the utmost extent that we can.


Everyone being you, end-gamers and guilds that profit from the code being shared without them watching the stream.

Seems a bit silly to me and I think that it could use a healthy discussion as clearly it is a topic that raises questions.

You assume a lot.

But congratulations… By trying to “help” new players. You crying about what is fair and what isn’t fair just hurt the community as a whole. :clap:

Between 5 guilds, I have 100 end gamers. And 50 players that are between level 20 to 900. Most of my end gamers skip the codes so that the the lower levels can have a chance at them.
Essentially, you feel you can share the codes on the Forums, but others shouldn’t share it on their private servers. Despite…90% of the forums users being the gamers. While my server has 66% end gamers.

Your justification for breaking the guidelines can’t be “well, well other people are doing it too!”

I’ll save my personal thoughts on your character because really only your point or idea should be debated. And not personal accusations.

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