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Redeem Code source list?

Is there a listing of the places one can find Redeem Codes?

I know Tacet the Terror has a youtube channel where he randomly throws one in, but they only are good for 150-ish pulls (maybe recently bumped to 200) and then they are gone. It seems they last about 10-15 min tops, and I’m sure his guild knows about them before we the public do.

I heard him mention something about Felicity and another who stream and may have codes handed out from time to time there… and something about Facebook posts from occasion, but not really sure on when / if those happen with any frequency.

So perhaps a list of these sources, when they post, etc might be a good source for those interested. Does it already exist?

Also, are all Redeem Codes equal, or are some ‘better’ for rewards than others?


I believe the codes are all good for the same stuff, or at least, they have provided the same stuff so far. I do agree, it would be nice to know exactly where to tune in to get codes.Especially for newer players who would benefit the most from the codes.

Are they redeemable for anyone? Cause I think players above… idk lvl 500 (?)… should be excluded.

Any level can use a code.

A full list includes:

  • Tacet the Terror YouTube channel 3 times a week:
  • The devs on occasion in game in global chat channel 001. That occurs about 1-4 times a week.

  • Tacet the Terror’s twitch starting July 5th will start to do 3 codes a week too: https://www.twitch.tv/tacettheterror


THey are definitely usable by any level.

Not sure how many players are active in this game, but it would be cool if the Dev’s would post a redeem code say here on forums, and on their FB and on their twitter… and whatever each week… that way, players could find them… or how about with each new event announcement - on the page where they post the event, they include a redeem code… it would generate interest and reward players for staying up to date… so many things could be done with them.

As it stands, I’m not even sure how Tacet and the others??? Streamers??? get them… it’s all a bit clandestine to me at the moment.

LOL, @Tacet you must have posted right before me… thanks for responding, that helps.

They are obtained by contacting @Sirrian and/or @Nimhain. Those are the major two PC/Mobile devs who interact with the community. They are seemingly willing to give anyone who makes content for the game redeem codes to hand out. I have no clue for sure if they have a specific criteria as to what makes them hand out codes, but it wouldn’t hurt for anyone to ask who is making YouTube videos of the game and/or streaming the game.

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Good info, thanks for the detailed responses!

My streams so bad that i was not even listed as one of the sources for redeem codes.

@killerman3333 no time like the present to add a link bruh!

BTW: If you, @Tacet and the alike content providers could list a day / time when you are normally streaming (and giving out codes), that would be of help I’m thinking!

Perhaps you’ll even get a sub or three from this thread.

Just sayin… :wink:

I normally post videos around 2pm est and 4 pm est due to that general time frame being when the most people are playing Gems of War. I always post a video with a redeem code on Wednesday for the event. The other 2 are random, but I have been falling into the tendency to do them on Monday and Saturday.

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I did jump in to one of your streams and handed a code out.


I know, i appreciate that.

Ps4 codes? Thanks

You are very wrong then.

You are very wrong thinking about him that he’s wrong.

You are even more wrong than he is.

I sometimes share it with guild. I prefer not doing it so more people have the opportunity to get the code who actually watch my videos. There are people who watch me on a regular basis who still have gotten 0 redeem codes due to everyone else killing it within an hour or less. All of my codes the past few weeks have lasted under an hour even with the 50 increase to 200 uses.

Well… :stuck_out_tongue: