What is the Gauntlet/fist?


So many new things to learn in the new patch.

What exactly is the upside down fist or gauntlet thing in the PvP section?

And what does the number next to it mean?

Thanx in advance.


It’s a “strengh” indicators. The math behind it is yet to be understood and revealed


This is Team Power. It’s a score based on your team’s levels, ascension, base rarity, kingdom bonuses, gem masteries, and traits. Sirrian explains it briefly in the PVP Preview video.


That’s that team’s calculated power level. This is based on the base rarity, level, and traits of all the troops. (Possibly not including the base rarity.)


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Aaah, thanx for the answers everyone.[quote=“Ozball, post:3, topic:7466”]
Sirrian explains it briefly in the PVP Preview video.

Is there maybe a link to this video or do I just search for it on YouTube?


This is why I shouldn’t be posting this early in the morning… would have normally linked it if I’d thought of it.

Here you go:


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