Lowering the gauntlet score in PvP

I’m getting really tired of the amount of luck I require to win with my Herdmaster, War and Peace, Ragnagord, Behemoth build I regularly used a year back (I just started playing after the new title update). I went on and made a new team based around Valkyrie as suggested in one of Tacet’s videos, but the team is severly underleveled. Whenever I go to PvP, all the teams I can potentially face are overpowered, thus rendering my shiny new build useless. Is it possible to lower the gauntlet score so that I can stand a chance in PvP, or am I stuck with my aforementioned annoying/useless explosion based build?

Not sure if Console works the same as PCMobile, but setting a single weak troop defense lowers the teams I’m against.

Occasionally it will be high scores on all 3, then I will gem the next guys and usually get a few lower scored people again.


Doesn’t seem like it worked. The “normal difficulty” teams I face are at least 1000 gauntlets stronger than me, while the easy ones are +/- 100 my score, which is fine. However, while I enjoy this game to a certain degree I do not feel like playing to get ~10 ranked points each game to get to 1900. I’ve tried to face the normal teams with my weak build in hopes of the game catching on to the fact that I’m using a weak team, but to no avail.