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Low value PvP options

Seems like the last week or two my options for who to fight in PvP have gone significantly down in value. The toughest option is now routinely gives low 30s in PvP points, whereas before it was high 30s/low 40s with frequent 50s.

I haven’t been paying a huge amount of attention to the teams themselves, but my current hypothesis is that it’s due in part to the shift in the meta toward Manticore (ultra-rare) as opposed to the legendary-heavy teams before.

Anybody else see this trend? Have any other theories?

Check your defense team - lower scored defense will give you lower scored opponents. Sometimes the game will switch out your defense team for no apparent reason.

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I would expect that for revenge battles, but even the regular invades do that? Seems kinda weird. I’ve been experimenting with different defense teams trying find something that wins more often, but most of the newer teams I’ve built have been relatively low-scoring, so I guess that would explain it.

Assuming this is not the glitch related to using multiple devices, I actually figured this out a while back and reported it. If you are in the preparing for battle screen in PvP and click edit teams, then subsequently back all the way out of the encounter, the last team you were look at in edit teams screen will be set as your defense team (or the first team, if you collapsed the list before backing out). If you edit teams and proceed into battle, the glitch doesn’t trigger, only if you click edit teams then subsequently back all the way out of the encounter. It doesn’t matter if you actually change the teams or not, just entering this screen is enough.

Hasn’t been fixed yet, but easy enough to avoid once you know what the problem is.


Good to know, thanks!

I’ve noticed my StormChasee account consistently gets lowered valued ‘difficult’ game offerings than my account on the cell phone (Listintira)even though the actual opponents are tougher. StormChasee is also about double the level as Listintira. You may have crossed a threshold that lowered the values.