Defense team scores 980 points below the Attacking team scores

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:
Screenshot of me facing myself.

Screenshot of someone else facing me showing the same score.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Defense team score is 980 points below attacking team score. This has been consistent across all of my teams. The scores should be equal.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

It happens during fights through profiles and I believe is effecting all PvP defense scores but I cant face myself in it to reliably check and spamming pvp while my my gold is nerfed in 90% of all fights (my actual numbers after refreshing 20 times) and then asking someone else to spam fights until they find me is unreasonable. It began happening after the update.

Steps to make it happen again
Compare an attacking team to the same defense team. Attack yourself through your profile (you cant see the team score through a test pvp fight for some reason) by going to your portrait and then clicking the small helmet top left or have someone else face you in a fight through your profile.


What I believe is happening is that the new stat bonuses from the completed ETs are not being applied to my defense scores but I never thought to check in the past.

I had been sitting on this since I thought it may fix itself come Monday but the 2000+ score gap we keep being pushed is being taken up by half of the bonus from those same statues and if it is actively being worked on it needs to be considered.

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Same issue here. How am I supposed to find teams that are my level, or higher, and get fair gold payouts, when all teams I face are by default nearly 1000 points lower than my score?


I think this is just a visual bug when you fight someone in training battle. Team power in pvp defense still has correct score.

When facing myself in a training battle

When facing someone in pvp with the exact same team

The score difference here is because I have higher stats and masteries. If the bug existed, the enemys score would be lower than 14587


I have been trying to track someone down to test but I keep getting the same 12-15 opponents every time since the chance. It makes it practically impossible. I agree it looks like you are correct though.

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I tried this today and no matter which view I take, my Fire Bomb defense team has the same score. I don’t actually get that, I expected one view to be different.

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Looks like they fixed it… We did it? :smiley: