PVP Revenge - Do you attack the defense team or the one that attacked you?

Ultimately I guess it doesn’t matter much, but I’ve always been curious. When you are doing a PVP Revenge, are you attacking the team that attacked and beat your defense team, or are you attacking their defense team?

Their defense team if they set one.

That’s weird that you’d be fighting their defense team in your home kingdom, but thanks!

No problem

I thought I read this before but want to verify: if they don’t set one, who/what do you fight? The reason I ask is because I see Valkyrie in some of the defense teams and since their Soul ability doesn’t count, I’m wondering why they would put it in their defense team (could be they don’t know it doesn’t work, but if they see the results of the match, surely they’d wonder why they aren’t getting a lot of souls at the end).

If someone doesn’t set a defense team, the defense automatically defaults to just the hero with a crude club as weapon.

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Weird. So these Valkyrie teams are being intentionally set? Maybe they’re for the role of blue gem creators…

people may not know/forget that they dont get the skill souls nor the trait soul bonus in defense.

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True dat.

So I remember reading at some point that if you didn’t set a defense team, it defaulted to your Invasion team. Based on the above info about your Hero and club, I guess this was changed in one of the updates? Or never happened and I’m remembering falsely? :slight_smile:

The defaulting to your Invasion Team is only when choosing to set a defense team. It will not automatically set it though.

For example. You have not set a defense team, it will always be Crude Club until purposefully changed.
But when you go in to check your defense team, it will instead display your Invasion Team, but will not actually be set unless you click the ‘Defend’ button. X’ing out of Defense without verifying a team will keep the team the same as before you checked (in this case, a Crude Club defense).

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Ooooh. Thanks Zelfore.

On a side note, I encountered a War? Sphinx x3, Valkryie team for a mid/high level player during PvP yesterday so clearly she was being used as a blue gem creator, not a soul generator for that team…