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What does the blue number next to the black fist mean?

When playing ‘PvP’, up at the top there is a light blue number on a black background next to a ‘black fist’. I’m up over 7000 now on the team I use a lot and I’d just like to know exactly what it means. What do they use in their mathematical equation that arrives at this number? I notice it sometimes going up by itself when I haven’t even changed the team. Maybe one of the math wizards who works on the game could offer an explanation and some equations. Or anyone else who thinks they’ve figured it out. If this info is already offered elsewhere I can’t find it. Thanks in advance.

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It is a gauge of team strength, taking into account troop level, rarity, traits, player level, and kingdom bonuses

Yes the equation is:

s = total kingdom armor bonus
m = total kingdom magic bonus
a = total kingdom attack bonus
l = total kingdom life bonus
t = troop base rarity
e = troop level
r = current rarity
n = total troop traits

We usually call this SMALTERN, for short.

The overall value of each subsequential troop is slightly lowered (i.e. first troop is worth 3,000; the next (if identical) troop is only worth 2,400).

Also, p = power rating.

Then, the calculation process goes:

P = S+M+A+L + (t * e * r * n)1 + (t * e * r * n)0.8 + (t * e * r * n)0.6 + (t * e * r * n)0.4

Hope this helps… Oh! One more thing: I made this up. But I’m pretty sure it’s something similar.

@AnalSwordfish I call upon thee! You did it with the treasure map scoring, you can do it again! I believe!


I made a math thread for figuring out team power to which we figured out how to calculate team power.

Link!? 10c

thanks. 10c

Your welcome.

I’d like to know what determines the quality of the opponents you face in pvp? I noticed when I switched my defense to a team with a rating of 8,000+, I seemed to be getting opponents with higher pvp points when defeated. Is it tied to the rating of your defense team?

I’m fairly sure it is. I used to have a defense team in the 7000+ and was facing equivalent ratings teams as my Hard, giving 40-50 pts. My son switched my defense team to one in the 4000s and I saw my Hard PvP opponents drop to similar with pts in the high 20s.